Increase the life of your aluminium windows with these simple maintenance tips

22 Jan 2020

Many homeowners tend to think that their doors and windows are durable and forget to maintain them throughout the year. Some property owners go years without thinking about washing or keeping their aluminium windows or doors. Unfortunately, this will only cause complicated issues in the future.

If you fall into the above category and have not maintained your aluminium windows/doors for a long time, you may need to bite the bullet and replace your old windows before it is too late. Although this can be costly, the result is worth it.

However, if you don’t feel like you need to replace your aluminium windows/doors, you must try and extend their life as long as possible. Aluminium is exposed to the harsh comings of the weather, and your windows and doors are not excluded from being affected.

Maintenance tips to retain the longevity of your aluminium windows

Your windows and doors are not excluded from the harsh elements that come about from everyday weather. Every few months or so, your window frames need to be cleaned to help them last as possible:

Powder coatings

Did you know that your aluminium windows can be painted using a unique process called ‘powder coating?’ This finish works just like regular paint, and almost any colour can be achieved to reach the specific tone you need. The difference is that during this process, the aluminium surface is prepared, the paint is applied electrically, and then the section is placed in an oven to bake and finish. This guarantees the finish is seamless, hard-wearing and easy to handle.

Having a powder coat can be beneficial in maintaining your aluminium doors and windows. Powder coatings for aluminium windows provide a range of advantages, in comparison to many other options on the market. It is becoming the preferred choice for finishing for many manufacturers and consumers.

So, what are the benefits of powder coating on your aluminium doors and windows?

    • Durable
    • High-quality finish
    • Resistance to corrosion
    • Versatility – large choice of colours to match the facade of your property 
    • Offers added protection and prolong the life of the metal

Here are some tips on how you can keep your powder-coated aluminium windows/doors in shape:

    • If you live in a rural environment, ensure you clean your windows roughly once every six months 
    • If you live in the city or near the beach/sea, ensure your windows are cleaned once every three months

To clean your powder-coated aluminium windows/doors, we recommend using a non-abrasive detergent and lukewarm water to ensure easy cleaning that won’t damage the finish. Commercial cleaning products can cause damage to ‘powder-coated’ finishes, and once the finish has become damaged, it is much more vulnerable to fading.

    • A soft cloth is the best material to use to wipe the surface clean. You can also use nylon bristle pipe cleaners to get into places that are harder to reach. 
    • Once you have finished cleaning, use clean water to wash away any remaining residue

If you’re aluminium windows/doors have quite a few battle scars, you can always repaint them using this process. This requires a specialist to come in and clean, mask and prepare the surface before any spraying takes place. Your aluminium windows/doors can be painted either electrically (powder-coating) or using a carefully layered spray painting technique.

  • Anodising

Aluminium anodising is another popular alternative many home/property owners select. This is a coating added to aluminium using an electrochemical process. Anodising increases the durability and corrosion-resistance of aluminium – as it enhances the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the metal.

This is a popular option for those who require the highest protection against elements. Usually, those who live in coastal regions choose anodising as it provides the best protection. The only setback is that you have a much more limited choice of colours, and the metal is prone to scratching over-time.

  • Simple Cleaning

This does not require much explanation however it will serve as beneficial if you cleaned your windows and doors as often as possible. This includes:

    • Cleaning window glass with a simple window cleaning solution and cloth or newspaper
    • Cleaning aluminium window and door frames with a non-abrasive sponge and mild detergent 
    • Cleaning timber windows and door frames with a gentle cloth
    • Wash flyscreens and security screens by either removing them and rinsing them with a hose or scrubbing the screens with a soft-bristled brush 
    • Clean window and door hardware (including the bottom tracks and windows) with a damp cloth 


How long should my aluminium windows/doors last with maintenance?

It isn’t straightforward to provide you with the exact length of service you can expect to get from your aluminium windows/doors. However, what we do know is that you can extend their life with the right cleaning and maintenance. Whether you are cleaning it yourself or calling upon a professional, you must devise a routine for maintenance, ensuring you get the most bang out of your buck.

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