Are your windows worn out? Replacing them may be your best bet.

23 Dec 2019

Do you need to replace the windows in your home? If your current windows are out-dated and aren’t doing the job that you want them to, replacing them might be the best option. Replacing your windows could improve comfort, add value to your home, reduce energy bills, increase ventilation and improve access to natural light.

However, at times, it is difficult to know precisely when to replace your windows. Lucky for you, we have put together our top tips on why you may need a new window!

How long do windows last in Australia? Do mine need replacing?

Even if you install the best quality windows for your home, it is essential to note that nothing lasts forever. The average quality window will last for around 15-20 years. However, this all depends on a variety of factors including:

  • how well you have maintained them, 
  • the weather they have been exposed to, and 
  • the frame material you have chosen.

Many window suppliers offer guarantees on their windows, allowing you to replace your them for free during a specific period. However, if your windows are beyond repair, replacing them may be your only option.

5 signs that your window needs replacing windows in Australia

  1. If your windows are rotting or warping or the double glazing is not holding up like it used to, this may be an indicator that your windows need to be replaced with new ones. Usually, wooden window frames are harder to keep in good condition, not lasting as long as others. They tend to look great when installed, however, need constant maintenance to keep them looking in tip-top shape. If your wooden frames have started to rot, it can be quite challenging to stop the decay! It is essential that if this happens to your windows, you rectify the issue as soon as possible! Sometimes, poor quality uPVC windows can also discolour over time, and as they expand in heat, they can become warped. If this is the case for you, we recommend looking into replacing your windows to ensure your house is functioning effectively.

  2. Old and ineffective windows can have a notable impact on your home’s insulation, in turn leading to high energy bills. If your windows are not functioning correctly, more heat will be escaping from your home, which will consequently cause you to use your central heating system to compensate. A simple way to check if your windows or ineffective is to stand by them and see if the glass is too cold to touch. This will also help you see if there are gaps in the frames. If you are living in an older house with older windows, they are likely single-paned and more vulnerable to leaks. If this is the case, we recommend replacing your windows and investing in double glazed windows with low-emissivity glass to reduce heat loss.

  3. Are your windows difficult to open and close? This is because your windows can be an essential escape route in the event of an emergency. If they are challenging to operate, this can pose a risk in an unfortunate circumstance. There can be many reasons why your windows are difficult to open and close. These include a warped frame, the paint has caused it to shut, or the foundation of your home may have shifted, and the window frame may no longer be fitting in the space properly.

  4. Windows are meant to reduce sound transfer from the outside of your home. If you can hear loud noises from the inside of your home even when your window is shut, this can be an indicator that your windows are quite old and need to be replaced. Modern windows are designed to be soundproof so you can enjoy peace in your home. Replacing your windows may be the best option if you can continuously hear buses and cars driving by, while your windows are shut.

  5. Windows are installed for homeowners to enjoy natural light and air flowing within their home. However, if your windows are getting a build-up of condensation, your windows may start fogging up. This can be wiped away, but it doesn’t fix the issue of constant fog and moisture between your windows. This can also cause mould to grow on the inside of the frame, creating further problems.

Is your home always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer? Are your windows constantly fogging up? Your windows may need replacing as soon as possible. So, take a good look at your windows, and if they are causing you issues, we recommend replacing them, for your home to run effectively!

At A-Tech Australia, we offer an extensive range of innovative aluminium windows with outstanding design and quality. Replacing your windows in Australia has never been so simple. We supply and install your windows, providing you with a tailored service from start to finish.

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