3 Simple Tips to Help with Aluminium Window and Door Maintenance

27 Nov 2019

Have you installed aluminium windows in your home? There is a wide range of benefits that come along with investing in aluminium doors and windows. Aluminium windows and doors and a popular choice amongst homeowners as they are versatile, energy-efficient and completely customisable. However, the main reason people love them so much is that they are deficient maintenance. This doesn’t mean you should forgo taking care of them at all. It is vital to give your aluminium doors and windows a bit of love and attention to ensure their life span is not cut short.

Aluminium window and door maintenance should be conducted every few months. This is because your windows and doors slowly accumulate dirt and debris on both the inside and outside. Regularly cleaning aluminium windows will ensure your windows and doors remain pristine. You may think maintaining your aluminium doors/windows is a simple process. However, you must take the right steps. Otherwise, you could risk damaging your frames and surfaces.

We have put together some of our top aluminium window and door maintenance tips to prevent dirty frames, glass and stiff springs.

Clean and smooth tracks

A great way to clean the surrounding areas of your aluminium windows it to use a stiff brush to clean around the window sashes – where dirt and grit usually accumulate. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle to engulf all the excess debris. It is essential that the roller tracks are free from debris and are not clogged up, as if these areas are clogged, they will more than likely cause corrosion. If you want to wipe down the field after vacuuming, we recommend using soapy water with a soft sponge/cloth.

We also recommend spraying the spring locks of your aluminium windows and doors with a penetrating lubricant. This is beneficial in assisting the springs to run smoothly and avoid them from becoming stiff. You can also use a silicone lubricant on your aluminium windows/doors to prevent them from rust and corrosion. This should only be done once you have cleaned them thoroughly.

Not only should you lubricate the tracks, but it is also beneficial to lubricate anything such as locks, handles and roller assemblies. This will keep them moving smoothly for a more extended period.

Squeaky clean glass 

The glass on your aluminium doors/windows should be maintained and cleaned regularly to ensure a squeaky clean finish. The first thing to do is to make sure the glass is free from dirt/debris. We recommend cleaning the glass with a soft cloth and mild detergent mixed with water, as anything too harsh can scratch the surface. You can also clean the glass with a unique ‘glass cleaner’ along with newspaper in a circular motion. This will ensure perfectly clean and clear aluminium windows and doors.

Wash the frame

The frame of your aluminium doors should be maintained and cleaned the same way as the tracks. Using a soft cloth or sponge with minimal detergent is the best way of removing dirt. When you have finished cleaning your aluminium doors/windows, ensure you dry everything clean with a dry cloth to avoid corrosion.

Polishing your aluminium windows/doors can put some shine back into them after they have been cleaned. Using steel wool and a bit of water is all you need. This may take some time, but it will leave your frames looking immaculate.

How often should I maintain my aluminium doors/windows?

If you live close to the coast, it is recommended you clean and inspect your aluminium windows and doors monthly. It is also beneficial to have your windows/doors inspected by a professional at least once a year to extend the life of your aluminium doors/windows.

If your aluminium windows/doors are corroded and can not be repaired, it may mean it is time for new ones. If you are looking for expert advice and quality installers, A-Tech Australia is here for you! We provide the most exquisite aluminium window and door solutions with outstanding design, unprecedented quality and numerous benefits.

At A-Tech Australia, we believe aluminium is one of the best materials to use. In saying that, this material can corrode which is why appropriate maintenance of aluminium windows/doors is crucial. If you maintain your aluminium windows and doors appropriately, it will prolong the life of the material and ensure smooth functioning.

If you are looking at installing or replacing aluminium windows/doors for your residential or commercial project, we can help you. At A-Tech Australia, we create innovative and modern designs that inspire contemporary living.

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