Growing global trends have propelled environmental awareness into both our homes and workplaces. Sustainable architecture together with durability has combined to form a collective want from the society that is reflective of Australia’s cultural and societal needs. At A-Tech Australia, we merge these needs, creating products that satisfy clients, their spaces and our environment.


Seamlessly merging our clients’ wants, their projects’ requirements and our environment’s needs, create buildings that positively influence the world. To continue to provide sustainable systems for buildings, A-Tech Australia has implemented processes that meet sustainable standards as well as that satisfy our in-house durability and quality standards.

We have analysed our products’ life cycles, to ascertain where raw materials can be recycled, environmentally-friendly products can be used and energy-efficient processes implemented.

By nature, our business has been sustainable from the very beginning. Our primary raw material, aluminium, is one of the most abundant elements in the earth’s crust and can be endlessly recycled. At A-Tech Australia, we are committed to the process of recycling aluminium as it saves 95% of the energy it would take to make brand new aluminium products. We continue to implement and refine our recycling processes, ensuring they provide optimum results for our sustainability programs.

A-Tech Australia aims to ensure processes ar also environmentally friendly, saving people’s health and well-being, which continue to be promoted and safeguarded. This can be achieved by buildings that have a positive influence on the users through their visual, thermal, acoustic, ergonomic and hygienic qualities, and that also meet economic requirements for durability and profitability. Furthermore, buildings and the relevant construction products are considered in terms of their entire lifecycle, to retain and recycle the valuable raw materials after they have been used, through an optimum recycling process.

Every product manufactured by A-Tech Australia will be durable, recyclable and contribute to the sustainability of Australia’s buildings. They will be designed to accommodate customisability freedom, and offer maximum comfort, a modern aesthetic and durability for your building’s lifetime.