Founded and headquartered in Sydney, A-Tech Australia is one of the market leaders for innovative aluminium solutions. We are a global player in the industry and are continuously thriving for new material solutions and apprising our partners worldwide of the versatility and presentation of our windows, doors and facades.

Since our establishment, A-Tech Australia has been studded with significant growth, accomplishments and success, deepening the trust of our employees, partners and clientele worldwide. Laying the foundation for future growth with no end in sight, our group of companies have paved the way for new distribution channels with consumer satisfaction at the heart of all we do. 

The company has grown to dominate the supply chain by becoming an industry leader in the sourcing, fabrication and supply of innovative and durable aluminium systems. 

Company Profile

A-Tech Australia sources, manufactures, develops and sells aluminium solutions for windows and doors. Our innovative systems for residential and commercial buildings are technologically advanced and innovative, paving the way of the future for aluminium systems in Australia.

With our location and operations in Condell Park, New South Wales, A-Tech Australia has grown into a manufacturing and supply leader in the local and global industry.

We will continue to expand throughout the region and the world, increasing our presence in emerging markets, thriving economies and contributing to our growth. Our team will achieve this by maintaining a key objective: execution of all projects in an efficient, high-quality manner with consistent cooperation and open communication with our clients.

Today, A-Tech Australia is widely regarded as one of the premier companies for aluminium systems in the region.


At A-Tech Australia, the key to our success is working closely with partners and clients to consistently develop high-quality and innovative products that are manufactured according to Australian Standards.

As our systems are made according to local climatic conditions, we are always on the lookout for more effective technology for our weatherproof and thermal performance features.

With plans to construct a laboratory to facilitate the development and testing of window and façade systems, the future of A-Tech’s compliant, cutting-edge products is solid.

A-Tech Australia prides itself on working with only the best-chartered façade consultants. We also employ an Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) consultant to ensure that we develop consistently compliant products that offer safe and long-lasting solutions for all projects.