Project Planning

No two projects are the same. At A-Tech Australia, we recognise the individuality of each project – be it commercial development or luxury apartments – and tailor our approach to suit.

The following is provided by A-Tech
during the project phases

Project Planning

Phase 01

Conceptual Outset

  • Design guidance to meet budgeting requirements
  • Collaboration with contractors for technical support
  • Tailored solutions for products and systems

Phase 02


  • Custom design or standard system application
  • Shop drawings
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Project engineering
  • Performance Mock-up Units (PMU)
  • Visual Mock-up Units (VMU)
  • Collaboration with façade consultants
Project Planning
Project Planning

Phase 03

Training & Implementation

  • Technical training for fabricators and installers as per project specifications
  • Quality Assurance (QA) procedures and Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) implementation as per project specifications
  • Production plant layout revisions
  • Supply chain planning with partners

Phase 04

Monitoring & Completion

  • Fabrication and installation scheduling
  • Compulsory inspections by contracted façade consultant
  • Acquisition of warranties from suppliers
  • Project supervision