How to maintain and prepare your aluminium sliding windows during winter

12 Jun 2020

If you own a residential or commercial property, then you’ll be aware of the new challenges that winter in Sydney can bring. Though not as harsh as other climates, Australian winters can still impact our lives, businesses and homes. Due to this, it’s important to replace, update and maintain the exterior of your home, particularly your aluminium sliding windows. Though durable on its own, rainy and high-wind weather elements can impact your windows and reduce its lifetime if you aren’t prepared or do not take the necessary precautionary measures. This is why it is important that you properly maintain your aluminium sliding windows throughout the year and monitor it thoroughly before winter.

In addition to maintenance, at A-Tech Australia, we also recommend aluminium sliding windows over other materials for winter because of its durability, energy efficiency, thermal performance and low-maintenance qualities. During the winter months, high wind and heavy rain can wreak havoc on your windows. Aluminium frames are able to withstand these elements amazingly without showing wear and tear. Additionally, low-maintenance means that all throughout the year, very little effort is exerted on the cleaning and upkeep of the windows—an important quality for commercial buildings as they are able to look high-quality and new for a longer period of time, even during winter.

However, if you already have aluminium windows, here are some of our tried and true tips for preparing and maintaining them for winter. You’ll find that your windows don’t only last longer and perform better, but you also stay a lot warmer.

Check its hardware and seal gaps

Over time, dust, debris, leaves and other pollutants may collect on handles and hinges and along the seals, grooves and other hardware of your aluminium sliding windows. It is extremely important that you remove this debris and clean your windows thoroughly before winter comes as it can harm the structure of your windows and impact its performance. For example, if leaves and debris are stuck in the sliding groove of your window, this can stop it from closing properly and allow hot air to escape your home. While cleaning your windows, ensure that its seals are not broken. If they are, this can impact the heating in your home and drive up your energy costs. Head down to your nearest hardware store and purchase sealant to repair these gaps.

Reduce condensation

During winter, condensation is a common problem. Condensation is caused by the heat from the interior of your home mixing with the cold air from outside. These condensation droplets form on the window and hardware of your aluminium sliding windows. This can harm the sealant around your windows, block your vision and build between your windowpanes. So, how do you stop it? One way is to lower the temperature in your home to more closely match the heat outside. You can also avoid drying clothes as this increases the humidity, a cause of condensation. Purchasing a dehumidifier is also an option for reducing condensation. However, our favourite and the easiest solution is to temporarily open your window to allow some cool air in. This immediately gets rid of the condensation and will save you from damaging your windows.

Replace if outdated or damaged

An obvious but necessary step is to replace your windows if necessary. Don’t wait until it is winter to replace your windows as this can cause some very uncomfortable nights for you (i.e. it will be extremely cold). Inspect your windows during autumn for repairs. If seals are broken then you can easily repair this, however, if there is an issue with the pane then you will need to contact us immediately to repair or replace. Our products at A-Tech Australia are extremely weather-resistant and will not swell, crack or split over time. We promise the highest quality possible.


If you’re concerned about the temperature around winter time then consider double-glazing your windows. Double glazing uses two panes of glass which are separated by argon gas. This gas is a poor heat conductor and prevents warm air from escaping. This glazing treatment stops warm air that hits the glass from cooling, ensuring better insulation in your home.

If you’re in the market for aluminium doors or windows this winter and need some guidance or would like to speak with an expert, then have a chat with our team today, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.