5 questions you must ask when buying aluminium windows

14 May 2020

The world of aluminium windows is vast and complex. There are many different types, brands, designs and configurations so it’s not surprising that many customers feel overwhelmed when they have to buy aluminium windows. The good news is however that our employees at A-Tech Australia are trained to make this process easier for you. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, our team is ready to answer any and all of your questions.

How do you know what to ask? When speaking with an adviser, it can be difficult to remember and ask the questions that are pertinent and relevant to your project. So, we’ve created a guide for you to follow when speaking with our employees about your project. While they are general questions, it will cover the most important parts of projects and ensure that you get the information you need to confidently buy and install aluminium windows.

Is this practical for my home or business?

At A-Tech Australia, we have many options for aluminium windows. There are: aluminium awning windows, aluminium louvre windows and aluminium sliding windows. Each type has its benefits and suitability. For example, aluminium awning windows are a great option for kitchens and living rooms as they can be placed high up and have restrictive fixed chains that prevent pets and children from getting into accidents. Ensure that you let our team member know where in your home or business you need aluminium windows. They will be able to advise you accordingly.

Can these windows be customised to suit my home or business’ style?

Some windows can be customised more than others. You may also not even be aware of some options available to you. It’s important to ask if your preferred style of aluminium windows can be customised. At A-Tech Australia, we can customise your aluminium frames and glass screens with different colours. For bathrooms, we offer obscure glass options which enhance your privacy.

What’s the lead time?

This question is especially important if you’re working on a commercial project. Lead times can differ according to your selection of aluminium windows, customisation needs, quantity ordered and any other special requests. We recommend that you specifically ask this question or, ask if it can be done by a certain date This way, both you and your supplier understand the urgency and expectations of each other.

How do I need to prepare for the installation?

It is important that you ask this question in order to find out what you need to do in order to prepare for the installation. For residential projects, you may need to move your furniture, clear your outside area and clear a pathway from the front door. For commercial projects, it can be a bit more complicated. Depending on how large your job is, you may need to ask staff to work from home, clear your room, book an elevator if you’re in a building and cover any special or expensive equipment you may have in your office. These are all logistical requirements that may take time for you to organise so, it’s best you ask upfront so that you can prepare.

Does your contractor clean-up after?

Regardless of which company you approach, always ask what their policy is on post-cleanup. At A-Tech Australia, we remove all of our waste products and ensure that you have nothing to do when we leave except enjoy your brand new windows. However, not every company is like this and it’s best to know what you’re getting into.

Depending on your project, you may have additional questions to ask when speaking with a member of our team. In order to remember these questions and other important information you may want to relay, here are some tips to practice before you speak with one of our employees.

  • Jot down your questions before speaking with a member of our team. This will help you stay on topic and focus on the information you need.

  • Layout the specifics of your project. Do you need your windows installed by a specific date? Do you require a particular colour? If you do this, you will ensure that you do not exclude important details or questions regarding your project.

If you’re interested in purchasing aluminium windows or doors and need some guidance, then have a chat with our team today, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.