Expert Aluminium Window Installation Can Keep Your Sydney Home Beautiful Inside and Out

16 Oct 2019

Aluminium windows can transform your home, offering a modern, sleek and simple design. These windows are also extremely durable, highly functional and require minimal maintenance. Although they can be more costly than vinyl, they are much more cost-effective in comparison to steel or timber windows.

Are you considering installing aluminium windows in your Sydney home? If you are contemplating installing the windows without the help of a professional, please don’t. It is essential to invest in a professional when installing windows to ensure that there is little to no complications during and post-installation.

Sydney, here are some pre-window installation care tips:

After selecting your aluminium windows, they must be stored in a clean and dry area away from any paint or harmful chemicals. Your aluminium windows should be protected from building materials and loose debris. Ensure that your windows are:

  • Stored in a dry location
  • Carried in a vertical position
  • Not exposed to moisture

Circumstances that contribute to aluminium window installation problems

Many problems go alongside the installation of aluminium windows. Issues such as incorrect fitting, the omission of flashings, missing weep holes etc. are some of the prime causes of leaks in window installations.

It is essential to commission an expert when installing windows, ensuring that the window installation specification guide by the manufacturer is followed appropriately and professionally.

Aluminium window installation, done the right way!

Do you want your aluminium windows to be energy efficient? Make sure the windows you choose to install in your Sydney home have few vertical and horizontal breaks. Energy-efficient aluminium windows are one solution to keeping your house warm during the winter and cooler throughout the summer. When installing aluminium windows, there are different types of glass you can choose which will optimise energy efficiency. These include toned glass, Low-E glass and double glazed glass.

Installation of your aluminium windows in Sydney needs to be done with careful consideration taking into account the energy code. Ensure that you use a combination of double or triple-pane windows. Double pane windows are more transparent in comparison to triple windows which have more of a tint.

It is also necessary that your installation professional keeps a gap between the aluminium frame and wood lines. This is because frames often expand due to humidity levels and a change in temperature. Installation of your windows needs to be aligned carefully. Check the alignment of your windows from both the outside and inside, as one mistake can cause an inconvenience (as well as a hefty quote).

Depending on the location of your Sydney home, the requirements and installation of your windows will differ. If you live in an area where the weather is inconsistent with high rainfall, awning windows are one of the best options. They have a hinge at the top and an opening at the bottom, allowing for the windows to be kept partially open throughout the day.

Aluminium window installation needs to be done carefully and attentively. It is crucial to see whether or not you will need a screen on the interior of your windows. If this is the case, it is recommended to choose a roto-style handle as this will add an element of convenience when operating the window.

Are you worried about how your aluminium windows are going to look? If you want a clean, crisp and modern look, it is recommended to align the bottom of every window to the top of the interior base. This offers a floor to ceiling window look and is a great way to maintain the flow of the interior.

Aluminium window: post-installation care

  • Keep door tracks and window sills protected from any debris. Clean these areas regularly to maintain your aluminium windows.

  • Ensure any acids or chemicals used to clean surrounding areas do not come into contact with aluminium windows and surfaces. If these chemicals come into contact with your aluminium windows, wash down the area immediately with water.

  • If you are cleaning your aluminium windows with a hose, make sure the hose nozzle is set to a fine spray as a full force can damage the window!

  • The best way to clean your aluminium windows is to wipe the surface with a clean damp soft cloth. Make sure these materials are free from abrasive substances.

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