The Louvre Window is the Answer to Light and Bright Bathrooms

21 May 2019

Are you wondering why your bathroom isn’t white, bright and inviting?

A bathroom should be a place where you feel relaxed, serene and fresh. Entering a bathroom that is dark and drab can leave occupants feeling gloomy and dreary themselves.

Many of us dream of having a bathroom similar to those in lifestyle magazines which have a separate tub, shower, two sinks and even a lounge just in case you want to relax after your bath.

Even if you can’t necessarily obtain that exact bathroom dream, there are certain ways you can uplift your space to its full potential.

Louvre windows should be your top pick!

Aluminium Louvre windows are the answer to an open, fresh and seamless bathroom design. These type of windows provide the benefits of both privacy and light.

A bathroom is a space where extra privacy is needed and louvre windows understand that need.

Allowing as much or as little light as you want into your bathroom, louvre window blades can be adjusted to suit your needs. Not only do they provide the benefit of extra light, they allow steam to escape quickly and eliminates the build-up of condensation with the running of dryers etc.

Managing airflow, light and privacy, louvre windows are the ultimate choice.

Louvre windows aren’t the only answer … (we lied)

Some other great ways of opening up space within your bathroom and creating a white and light space complementing the incorporation of aluminium louvre windows include the following:

White on White

A great way to open up space in your bathroom is to incorporate as much white throughout different elements of the room. This can include using white tiles, white paint, white appliances and so on.

White is a shade that is timeless. It is clean and crisp, helping make any space look bigger. It also reflects any light coming through rather than absorbing it.

Using white in a bathroom is much easier than other spaces within the home. This is because a bathroom typically has many white fixtures already installed, including the tub, toilet and sink. Add a few more white features and your bathroom design will be complete.

Selecting white aluminium louvre windows can also be a fantastic means of white detail to your bathroom. Easy to clean, easy to maintain and easy to install, aluminium louvre windows can be customised in colour and style meaning that every bathroom is the perfect bathroom.

Many people avoid all white bathrooms as they fear that the bathroom space will lack character. However, this can be avoided by adding simple textural elements such as light stone, fabric accents, metallics and touches of wood. Retaining the seamless look, these additions will create a quality look.

Tone on Tone

Not a fan of white on white? Try using a range of different light tones which still give off a breezy effect. Try out shades including warm beige, soft greys and even tints of powder blues and pinks.

If you want to achieve this look, we recommend the use of an elegant tile and a paint colour which picks up on one of the hues within the tile.

Again, the option of selecting a colour for aluminium louvre windows means that you are not subject to white. Available in any tone and any hue, aluminium louvre windows are still the best design and functional option for your bathroom.

Floating vanities & big mirrors

A floating vanity can be the trick to creating an allusion of a larger bathroom space while still providing space for storage. Allowing you to store all your daily essentials with the provided benefit of the vanity not reaching the floor.

This gives the bathroom a more open and spacious feel. If your bathroom space is small, this little amount of space can make a large difference and shouldn’t be underestimated.

If storage isn’t important to you, we recommend using a smaller sized vanity leaving more open space in the bathroom. A small space saved will make the area feel less cramped, and you will appreciate it once you start using it.

Doubling the size of your mirror can create the allusion of doubling the size of your space. A mirror is a great visual element to help make a space appear larger than it is. Using a full sized mirror instead of tiling the wall can be of better value in terms of cost and effect.

Whether you want to go big with a glamourous framed mirror or choose a wall-to-wall custom piece fit for your bathroom, the effects are tremendous.

Bright Lights

Good lighting is not only important for your selfie but is important to making any space within your home look open and airy. Bathrooms usually lack natural light so it is important to compromise for this and install good lighting. Not only is lighting important for brightening up the room, but it is especially important for a bathroom as applying makeup and shaving might not be so easy in a dark space!

Using multiple lights at different locations within the room as well as edge lighted mirrors can help create a bright and white space.

Glass is class

Glass panels are a great way to help make your bathroom appear larger and more open. Replace your shower curtain or dark frosted glass with a clear panel. This will immediately make the room appear larger at first glance.

Say goodbye to curtains and hello to glass panels. Curtains only cut space and light from travelling through your bathroom. For a modern, seamless and elegant design, choose a quality glass frame for your bathroom!

When selecting aluminium louvre windows, you can have the option of transparent panels, meaning that you are able to mimic the glass-effect; openness and transparency.

Say goodbye to cabinets

Try and minimise the use of cabinets in your bathroom, instead use open shelving and space where you can place towels and other accessories neatly. If you need extra storage, try and opt for a vanity that has a deep drawer and more space instead of adding extra cabinets.

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