Why commercial builders choose aluminium windows for their projects

29 Jun 2020

A quick look around the city will prove one thing, aluminium windows are a popular choice for commercial buildings. Whether sliding, awning or bi-fold, commercial buildings in Sydney and surrounding suburbs are dotted with every type of aluminium window. This is no surprise as it is a popular choice among commercial and residential builders. Aluminium is known in the construction industry for its durability and versatility, making it an obvious choice for the exterior and interior of commercial buildings.

Commercial buildings have very heavy window panes because of the need for windows to withstand harsh elements. Due to this, window panes need to have supportive framing. Additionally, when adding anything to a commercial building, whether it be new windows, doors or even a fresh coat of paint, longevity is always at the forefront of one’s mind. Commercial buildings are investments and thus, any additions are also considered investments. What’s the best return on investment? Longevity, durability and long-lasting quality, both in appearance and structure.

At A-Tech Australia, we want to highlight the benefits of choosing aluminium windows for commercial buildings. Popular among commercial builders, we understand that not everyone is an expert in construction or aluminium windows, so, we’ve outlined the benefits of selecting aluminium windows for your next commercial project.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Implementing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly features in your commercial building is extremely beneficial. First, energy-efficient means that less energy is used in your building and thus lowers your overhead costs. Second, environmentally friendly means that your business is doing its part for the earth—a positive in the minds of customers and an excellent marketing point. Aluminium windows keep warm air in and cold air out in the winter and the vice versa in the summer. This reduces your heating and air conditioning costs. Aluminium is a plentiful resource, has a low carbon footprint and is endlessly recyclable making it an eco-conscious choice for your business.

Safe and durable against various elements

Aluminium is one of the strongest materials making it much better quality than other materials. Its strength also protects against break-ins and dangerous accidents. Aluminium can also stand strong against various Australian weather elements such as extreme heat, fire, flooding and strong winds. Unfortunately, bushfires are becoming an increasingly dangerous threat in our lives. As business owners, it’s important to protect people inside your building and the building itself. Aluminium is an extremely safe choice as it offers better fire resistance than most other materials.

Additionally, high temperatures during Australia’s summers can harm many materials like timber which often suffers from fading, however, aluminium is extremely resistant against the sun’s harmful UV rays, an important factor for the cosmetic appearance of a building. Unlike many other materials, aluminium also does not swell, crack or split in the face of heavy rains or strong winds.


In addition to the resistant nature of aluminium, it is also very low-maintenance. As discussed in the previous point, it withstands weather elements extremely well, meaning that nothing major needs be done before or after a major thunderstorm or a very hot day. There also is not much cleaning required to keep the exterior of the aluminium windows looking in top shape. We recommend weekly cleanings with simple commercial solutions however, this all depends on the weather conditions and how much traffic passes near the window. Regardless, it is corrosion and weather-resistant, making it easy to maintain.


Many think that aluminium windows are expensive. While they may be considered expensive from some other manufacturers, aluminium is by far, one of the most affordable materials for framing windows and doors on the market. A-Tech Australia is also proud to be one of the most affordable manufacturers on the market. The initial investment of the aluminium windows is small in comparison to the long life and durability that the windows give. They are also very low-maintenance, meaning that for businesses, less money is spent on cleaning—another cost-saving benefit. Overall, from initial cost to the lifetime of the aluminium windows, it is one of the most economical solutions for commercial windows (and doors!) on the market.

If you’re a commercial builder or the owner of a commercial building, then we can promise you that at A-Tech Australia, you’ll receive the highest quality aluminium windows. We also offer aluminium doors so if you’re interested in either product or need some guidance, then have a chat with our team today, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your business.