Choose The Right Aluminium Window Style for Your Australian Home

09 Dec 2019

Are you building a new home and tossing up between the many different aluminium window styles to choose from?

Don’t worry; you are not alone! Good news is, you have plenty of options. The bad news is you now have to choose one that works best for your home. Aluminium windows come in a variety of different styles allowing you to get creative and design something that is both long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing for your family.

You must understand the needs of your home and after that, choose windows that fit within those requirements.

The window you choose will depend on:

  • The area it is placed in
  • The function
  • The overall need

What kind of window is right for you?


Aluminium window style options in Australia:


Awning windows are a common choice for many homeowners as this window style is a great choice offering great design and function. Awning windows have a hinge at the top, allowing them to be pushed out from the bottom. This provides convenience for homeowners as they have the flexibility and control over the ventilation provided.

Aluminium awning windows offer a solid and sturdy frame that can enhance any home design. They provide the appearance of being ‘fixed’, however, their design allows them to open diagonally from the hinge.

  • Awning windows are great for homeowners that want to place their windows in a higher position. This provides natural light and ventilation without compromising privacy.

  • They are also a great option if you are lacking wall space and need to place them in higher positions on the wall.

Sliding windows are one of the most classic window designs, featuring sashes that slide in either direction which lift out for easy cleaning. These windows offer versatility and timeless design making them the ultimate choice for many homeowners. They also have the benefit of creating large openings, allowing the maximum amount of fresh air and natural light to flow into the house.

  • Aluminium sliding windows are great if you are after an unobstructed view of your outdoor areas.

  • They are also easy to use and are extremely energy-efficient, keeping your home at a consistent temperature year-round.

Louvre windows are a modern and stylish approach to windows with a variety of benefits. These windows are made up of horizontal slats that are angled to let air and light in while keeping out harsh sunlight and rain. They are extremely easy to use allowing you to adjust the blades by simply using the lever or handle.

  • A great choice if you want to maximise airflow for your home. The wider opening capacity allows for this style to open twice as standard windows

  • The blades are also adjustable allowing you to control the amount of airflow you would like to enter into your home

  • They are also a great option if you are looking to select a style with minimal maintenance

Fixed windows: Do you want your windows to remain shut all year round? Fixed windows are the perfect choice for you! These windows are not designed for ventilation, rather solely for natural light. Fixed windows are perfect if you have a unique design in mind.

  • A great option for an aesthetically pleasing feature for your home

  • Fixed windows are also used when homeowners want to create a floor to ceiling window space. Fixed windows would be needed in this situation for stability

Bi-fold windows consist of several individual sashes that are hinged together. They can be opened up to make a large uninterrupted opening, where the panels stack neatly against each other.

  • Ideal for spaces within the home where you need a wide, open window space. Kitchens that face entertainment areas are perfect for bi-fold window styles. It is great for entertaining as it allows homeowners to pass food and drinks straight from the kitchen through to the outdoor entertaining area.

  • Provides a seamless link between indoor and outdoor areas, offering a combination of convenience and immaculate design

As you can see, there are many different options you can choose from. However, choosing the right window style for your home in Australia requires careful consideration of your needs. Think carefully about the placement of your windows and the function of them. This will help you narrow down to a couple of choices.

Building or renovating? A-Tech Australia can help you turn your window dreams into a reality. With a variety of innovative aluminium window solutions, our high-quality windows will not only suit your aesthetic requirements but also exceed energy efficiency standards.

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