Why Aluminium Louvres May Be The Best Option For Ventilation During Any Season

18 Aug 2021

Natural ventilation in a home or business is one of the most important features for Sydneysiders, regardless of the season. Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, natural ventilation in a home or business can be extremely beneficial. It’s obvious that any type of window will provide ventilation, but which configuration is considered the best? At A-Tech Australia, we believe that our aluminium louvre windows are the best option for ventilation throughout the year.

Aluminium louvres have unique features

Our aluminium louvres are windows with aluminium framing that are horizontally and vertically fitted with glass blades. These blades or slats, as they are commonly called, can be angled, according to the owner’s preference, to admit light and air into the property. This adjustability feature provides a unique user experience that isn’t afforded by most other configurations.

Why is ventilation important to a property?

Ventilation is an extremely important element of any property, but particularly those in Sydney. Our aluminium louvres provide natural ventilation. Natural ventilation comes from the environment and is not fan-forced. It uses the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to provide fresh air to buildings. Fresh air is important for the following reasons:

  • to alleviate odours, 
  • to provide oxygen for respiration, 
  • to increase thermal comfort, and
  • to cycle out dirt air and replace it with fresh, clean air.

As you can see, natural ventilation has a number of benefits, which is why we stress the value of aluminium louvres to our clients.

4 reasons why aluminium louvres are the best option for ventilation during any season

  1. Reduces mould in your bathroom

    Mould is a major problem in Sydney as well as other parts of Australia. Though it can happen at any time of the year, it is more prevalent during the winter months because it presents the ideal moist conditions for mould growth. Another factor that exacerbates the growth of mould in your home during the winter is that it rains a lot which often causes many people to want to close their windows, thereby reducing the circulation of clean air into the room.

    It’s easy to see why people don’t mind opening their windows during the summer, however, as winter presents a problem mould thrives. With our aluminium windows, the louvre blades can be angled to prevent rain from getting into your home. This means that you can leave your louvres open to ventilate your home without the fear of water getting inside your home.

  2. Provides consistent ventilation – rain or shine

    On a similar note, our aluminium louvres are perfect throughout the year because they can be utilised at any time! We detailed why it’s important to ensure your home has a consistent flow of ventilation, so let’s discuss how aluminium louvres make this possible.

    The blades of our aluminium windows are at an angle. In our configuration, we make them adjustable so that you can angle them according to how much natural light or ventilation that you want in your home. This angle also prevents rain from getting into your home, allowing you to leave your louvres open throughout the year, even when it pours during the winter!

  3. Keeps your home private

    Privacy is an important part of anyone’s home or business. During the spring and summer, it can be extremely tempting to open your windows fully to enjoy natural light and ventilation. Enjoying this often comes at a price – if you don’t have aluminium louvres. 

    When windows are wide open, your home can be vulnerable to prying eyes. This often occurs with a configuration like sliding windows where they have wide glass screens which facilitate a clear line of sight into your home. However, because aluminium louvre windows are at an angle, even when opened, they can facilitate ventilation while also preventing people from seeing inside your home.

  4. Remains secure

    Security is a priority for almost all property owners. During the winter, security concerns intensify around windows as the durability of their materials in the face of strong winds and harsh rain is questioned. 

    At A-Tech Australia, our aluminium louvres are made with the best quality materials. Our aluminium is naturally corrosion and weather-resistant, meaning you’ll never have to worry about our material weakening during the winter months.

    If you’re interested in adding an extra layer of security, you can speak to our team about fitting your louvres with a security screen.

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