What is the importance of aluminium awning windows for good ventilation in a home?

11 Sep 2020

In a home, the importance of good ventilation cannot be underestimated. In addition to comfort, which is always a priority, good ventilation in a home keeps moisture out, reduces the chance of damage by mould, lessens the amount of moisture in a home, especially in tucked-away spaces and controls heat levels. Unless you have good ventilation in your home, you have little control over the airflow in your building or home. This then extends to not being able to control the effects of poor ventilation on your home’s structure and your family’s health and comfort.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of good ventilation in your home further as well as how aluminium awning windows can help to provide airflow in a home. Though common reasons such as comfort and mould are widely known, there may be lesser-known issues that are also as a result of poor ventilation. It is important to know these so that you can spot the symptom if you unknowingly have poor ventilation.

What is the importance of good ventilation in a home?

Reduce condensation in the home

When the temperature inside your home drops, especially at night and your heating is off, the air is not able to hold on to all of the moisture (it reaches a breaking point). As the air gets cooler, the moisture cannot all be held in water vapour and some of it begins to turn to liquid droplets which many people commonly see as dampness. This dampness leads to mould growth. Ventilation would prevent the drastic change in temperature from the outside and inside of the home, thereby transforming the air into a condensation-free one.

Create a healthier environment

If humidity is high in a home (due to lack of ventilation and free air), this can provide a great breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites love unventilated homes and thrive there. They can cause eczema, allergic reactions such as watering eyes and itching and asthma attacks. Proper ventilation windows can immediately reduce these effects as it would reduce the humidity in the home.

Stop damage

Condensation can lead to mould which can damage your property. Mould can grow on almost anything, including your carpet, blinds and your sheets. While most times it can be a nuisance, at other times, it can be costly, especially with a rental property. If mould damages rental property, you can face expensive management or maintenance costs.

Reduce temperatures

In a poorly ventilated room, it can become hot, stuffy and humid. It’s safe to say that a well-ventilated room will not only make the room more comfortable but also regulates the temperature.

How can aluminium awning windows help with ventilation?

A little known fact is that aluminium awning windows are uniquely helpful in providing good ventilation in a home or business. Aluminium awning windows open outward and have a chain winder which is lockable and that allows the user to control the width of its opening. These unique features have given aluminium awning windows the following advantages when it comes to ventilation:

  • Aluminium awning windows can be made to very small dimensions because they open outward (non-restrictive). This allows them to be used in bathrooms and laundry rooms, tiny spaces that usually require a small window because of it and that generally contain a lot of moisture (due to washing and showering).

  • Aluminium awning windows have diverse design possibilities in that they can be placed in very high or low positions and can also be grouped.

    • Being able to be placed in both high and low positions means that airflow will not be blocked by furniture or paintings. Having windows at high heights is also helpful for ventilation.

    • Due to the ability to make aluminium awning windows very small, they can also be grouped and provide more effective ventilation.

  • Awning windows can be locked in an open position, allowing you to go about your day while letting the airflow through your home and not worrying about security.

  • Because aluminium awning windows open from the top hinge, letting ventilation in from the bottom, you can keep your windows without fear of water getting into your home or business. This is extremely effective during rain as this when moisture can build up in a home.

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