Comparing the Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

25 Jun 2019

Shopping around for the right interiors for any size home can sometimes be a challenging experience. However, with A-Tech’s unparalleled service, you are guaranteed to find the right window for your abode, unbeatable in quality.

A highly recommended window design is awning windows. These windows are practical for any space in any home. Their pros and cons are imbalanced as the advantages of awning windows are extensive.

Awning windows are considered crank windows which open outward. However, unlike casement windows, aluminium awning windows have hinges at the top as opposed to the left or right side. They are made for openings in which the width is greater than the height.

A reference guide of the pros and cons of awning windows

Below is a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether awning windows are the right choice for your home… And believe us, they are.

A list of pros of awning windows:

Allows for ventilation

Awning windows are a better solution in regards to ventilation. Their flexibility to be fixated on any part of the wall, higher or lower, unlike many other style windows which have to be centred, is a major reason for this; ventilation is optimised. In addition to air ventilation, it also allows for letting in as much natural light as possible, which is essential in every home. This means that the build-up of dust and mould is prevented as the light is not at the expense of opening up the entire window.

Ventilation and light are equally important in the home, benefitting each family member both physically and mentally.

More privacy

The flexibility of awning windows means that they can be positioned higher than regular aluminium sliding windows. This creates a sense of privacy without feeling like the neighbours can see every movement you make, whilst simultaneously adding to the overall aesthetics of your space.

Another benefit of this ability to position anywhere is that awning windows will not compromise on keeping the space light-filled and ventilated either, making it a great option for any room within the home.

Increased safety The higher the awning windows are positioned on the wall, the safer the room will be for all family members, especially toddlers and children.

Windows that are out of the way of youngsters will give parents peace of mind knowing there is one less thing to worry about when children are running around the house and exploring every corner.

Awning windows also provide optimal security against potential break and enter situations, due to their airtight structure when they are closed, leaving no room for thieves to break in.

More economical

Due to the fact that awning windows are designed to slant outward, they can remain open when it rains. This is ideal for allowing cool the air in while simultaneously keeping the water out.

Additionally, when they are closed, they are airtight. This is highly beneficial for when you want to reduce the cost of living through saving on energy bills. The design of awning windows allows families to use less electricity and rely more on natural lighting and air to cool down.

This is also applicable in the winter because the airtight structure of the windows does not allow the heat to escape, thus keeping it contained to the room.

Flexible in style

Awning windows are perfect for achieving the modern-sleek look in any home. They are versatile and can be used in almost any room of the house while being situated in a high or lower position, grouped together or further apart, wide or narrow, making it easier for design purposes.

In addition to this, their simplicity means that they are timeless and won’t be outdated as time progresses.

Minimal noise

Awning windows, if manufactured well, have a full perimeter pressure seal. This means that all noise from external spaces is kept at a minimum. Whether living in a loud neighbourhood or in an area susceptible to high-wind speeds, awning windows are the solution.

In addition to this minimisation of noise, awning windows also provide insulation.

Withstand weather

Awning windows can be opened on a warm, hot day or a cold, rainy day. Either way, the way in which the awning window functions, opening outwards, does not allow for the threat of water entering into the area.

A winner on any day.


A list of cons of awning windows:

May pose as hazardous

Avoid installing an awning window where the room or space is exposed to a high foot-traffic exterior.

The reason for this being, that awnings are designed to protrude outward making them a very easy object for family members or even pedestrians to run into and potentially injure themselves.

Areas to consider avoiding including an awning window would be the following:

  • a verandah,
  • a balcony,
  • a decking, or
  • a footpath.
Need to be cleaned

Due to their otherwise savvy design, awning windows tend to attract dirt more frequently than any other style window because they are more exposed to rain leaving marks on them that are more visible than a window that does not open out.

This means cleaning them more often than other style windows may be something to consider. Despite this, they are super easy to clean! A glass cleaner and some newspaper will do the trick.

Difficult to access

In the case of an emergency, or you find yourself locked out of the house, awning windows are very difficult to get in and out of.

For example, if the window is your only option to climb out of in the case of a fire, an awning window is definitely not the most convenient option to consider in your escape plan.

On the other hand, this proves that they are just as difficult to break into as they are to break out of.

Time to compare the pros and cons: the advantages of awning windows win

Awning windows are easily customised to suit and benefit your home and family and the experts at A-Tech Australia will work with you to achieve the look you want, at a price you can afford. We possess a variety of windows for your home, to ensure that whatever your space, light and ventilation are not compromised.


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