Awning Windows – What’s all the fuss Sydney?

29 Apr 2019

Whether building a new home or making renovations to your current one, choosing the right windows for your space is crucial in creating, and accommodating to, design opportunity.

Awning windows are the perfect option if you are looking for security, protection, light and airflow. Practical, pleasant and perfect for any space, awning windows allow easy access and functionality wherever they are placed.

They allow for a modern design, combining aesthetics and functionality, making it the perfect option for any home. A lot of people underestimate the power of windows within a home and how it can make a large difference to a space. Not only do awning windows provide you with the benefits of a standard window, but they also have a classic, convenient and captivating design.

Available in a variety of materials, designs and functions, awning windows are definitely a great option when shopping for windows. They can be placed in many different areas of your home including kitchens, bathrooms or even over furniture and bench spaces.

“Design is not just what it looks like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

Awning windows – the most conventional of them all!

What are aluminium awning windows? They are simply conventional windows hinged at the top of the frame, swinging out from the bottom to open.

Awning windows are ideal during colder months and the wet weather as they are a great source of ventilation. They are also great for areas such as kitchens and living rooms where there is restricted access to the windows.

It is important to consider the style you would like within your home when choosing window designs. Awning windows are a popular design within many offices and homes today, replacing the traditional casement windows.

When it comes to the cost of installing awning windows, there is no “one size fits all” approach. This will depend on a range of factors including; size, material and manufacturer. Choosing materials such as wood and steel are most costly in comparison to vinyl, aluminium, PVC and fibreglass.

There are certainly many different options to choose from, meeting varied budgets. So, whether you want to spend less or invest in a high-end awning window, the choice is yours.

5 reasons why awning windows are a great idea for your home or office space: 

  • Privacy

One advantage the awning window has over others is the ability for them to be placed at higher levels on walls than a conventional window. This increased height allows you to have more privacy within your space. With the ability to be placed higher up on walls as well as the option to incorporate opaque glass, awning windows are perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

An added benefit of the awning window is the option to add a fly screen. This permits you to leave your window open allowing fresh air to enter the home while keeping out the insects.

  • Weather-tight

Awning windows are an excellent way to keep the rain out and the air in. Fitted with a seal around the frame, they prevent water penetration into your space. Choosing awning windows are great, gaining extra benefits in winter months. This is because they have the ability to protect your home against moisture, even during heavy rain and storms. They are constructed in a unique way permitting close to one hundred percent ventilation, without the fear of water trickling into the home.

Awning windows also have the added feature of reducing noise from the outdoors. Any background noise or wind is cancelled out with awning windows. If you live in a location high up on a hill or near the beach where there are large amounts of wind, choosing an awning window design would be the most beneficial option.

  • Awnings are attractive too!

Not only do they provide functional benefits, but awning windows can also be quite stylish. There are many different ways of creating designs to suit your needs and meet your expectations. Providing your home with a contemporary look, awning windows create a fresh and open atmosphere within a space. They also come in many different styles and colours suiting a variety of homes.

  • Clean less with awning windows

“I love cleaning!” said no one ever. Lucky for you, awning windows save you the time and hassle of cleaning. They are designed in a particular way, opening at a right angle making it easy for you to clean from the outside. Awning windows are also designed with a sleek and smooth opening and closing method meaning minimal dust enters into your home or the track.

  • Create custom awnings

Awning windows are customisable with an abundance of options to choose from to fit your home design. Energy-efficient glass is an option when choosing between awning windows. This allows you to save on your bills and save some energy. Designer glass options are also available, with the choice of using privacy glass or safety glass.

If you want to create a unique design and add flair to your windows, using woodgrain interior finishes, or if you are feeling fancy, custom colours can be an option.

Installing awning windows – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

At A-Tech Australia, we provide the following when it comes to awning window installations:

  1. An obligation free consultation, whereby an estimate quote can be given.  
  2. Professional, reliable and expert advice regarding your window style and window material selection.  
  3. Installation on site completed by qualified and licensed tradesmen.

We know you want them, so now is the time to install them. Take your windows to the next level with an awning design. At A-Tech Australia we can deliver you the most innovative solutions. You will be spoiled for choice with the variety of configurations and colours we have to offer.

Why A-Tech Australia? Not only do we provide options for custom design and security, but we also ensure that your windows are built and installed with the highest quality materials. Making sure your awning windows live a long life, A-Tech Australia guarantees you the highest standard of service.

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