Choosing The Right Windows for New Projects in Construction

12 Nov 2019

Choosing windows for any construction project is critical. Apart from adding to the overall aesthetics of the building, windows can also increase and attract investors. The right windows can completely transform the exterior look while simultaneously lighting up the interior. When building, many people struggle when deciding on the most suitable windows. This decision may seem like a simple one; however, with so many options, materials and finishes to choose from, this decision can quickly turn into strife.

How to choose windows: consider the materials

There are many different materials you can choose from when selecting windows for any new construction project. Every material offers distinct advantages and disadvantages and making the correct selection depends on your needs and design preferences.

When looking at elements used to manufacture windows, there are three primary materials you may want to consider. These include:

  • Aluminium: light and durable material, this material does not warp, expand or shrink and is essentially weather-proof. It is a low-maintenance material and is exceptionally light, allowing for smooth operation. Aluminium windows are also customisable and can be attractively finished with different colours or effects, easily able to match the overall theme, design and style of your new construction.

  • Vinyl: this is usually the least expensive choice and suitable for a variety of different applications. This material is not one of the most durable with plastic parts commonly breaking. Vinyl also contracts/expands with changing temperatures, which reduces its ability to seal. It can also warp if exposed to sunlight.

  • Timber: timber windows usually cost more than vinyl and should be sealed with paint or a finishing coat to prevent rotting and sun damage. In saying that, timber has natural insulating properties and many people like the way this particular material looks.

Considering the style when choosing windows for new construction projects

Choosing windows for your new building will depend on the overall theme you want your building to radiate. From traditional to contemporary, it is essential to take care in selecting windows that are style-appropriate. Installing the right type of window for your space can add value, and can improve lighting, ventilation, security and energy efficiency.

There are so many options to choose from, and sometimes this can be a blessing or a curse. It is essential to understand the different types of windows and which one will best suit your needs.

How to choose between sliding, louvre, bifold or awning windows

It is crucial to have a basic understanding of the different types before selecting a window for new construction.

Sliding windows

These particular windows are ideal in settings were safety and space is crucial. Aluminium sliding windows are an exceptional choice as they protrude out into space when opened, making it less hazardous as well as reducing the amount of space taken up on the interior. Sliding doors can also be installed with fly screens/security screens, making them a popular option for kitchen areas. This is because they open up space into an outdoor area allowing smooth flow of the passing of light and air between the interior and exterior spaces.

Bifold windows

Bifold windows are the perfect option if you are looking at expanding airflow and increasing space. Although they take up space on the inside when opening up, they create a seamless open space with unbroken views to an interior.

Awning windows

Aluminium awning windows offer practical design and functionality for ventilation. These windows are ideal for closed living spaces and are perfect for improving the comfort, appearance and value of your home. Awning windows are also beneficial in terms of energy-efficiency, weather protection and ventilation. With a full top-to-bottom ventilation, opening outward to allow fresh air inside.

Louvre windows

are the best option for maximum style, ventilation and light control. These windows allow you to have the most control over the amount of air let into your space by opening or closing different panels to direct ventilation and sunlight. Louvre windows also offer control over the style of your home, adapting the system to aluminium or glass blades. These particular windows are often used through breezeways/walkways, due to their ability to let in natural air and light.

Performance considerations

Although the look of your windows is essential to the decision-making process, it is also necessary to consider the performance of the windows. Ensuring you have an idea of what you want to achieve from your windows, including light, ventilation and energy, is an excellent basis to have when choosing new windows for construction.

The window you select will have a significant impact on the performance of not just the windows, but the entire house in terms of aesthetics, energy efficiency and acoustics. It is also essential to consider your location, placement and functionality needs before choosing windows for your new construction project.

Window installation tips

  • Window installation requires a certain level of technical knowledge and skill

  • Incorrect installation can result in issues

  • It is essential to know how to store your windows before they are fitted safely

  • Perform necessary checks during installation to ensure your money isn’t going to waste.

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