Are Commercial Awnings right for my business?

11 Apr 2022

For businesses that boast a storefront, commercial awnings can offer a great deal of value. Boosting protection, style and space, a commercial shop front awning is a great investment for many businesses.

Here at A-Tech Australia, we offer custom-made commercial awnings throughout the Sydney region, offering a great deal of knowledge, value and flexibility when it comes to our services.

As installing a commercial awning is a big decision, we thought we’d put together a shortlist that outlines everything you need to know about them.

Why do businesses need a commercial awning?

The market is saturated, and adding every extra frill to your business could give it the boost it needs to stand out from the crowd. Some of the best reasons for adding a commercial awning to your business include:

  • Increasing your seating space to make your cafe or restaurant more appealing

  • Providing your office building with appropriate protection from the elements, including rain, wind, sun glare and even snow

  • Enhancing the branding of your business

  • Adding comfort and convenience to your outdoor bar or seating area to evoke a feeling of privacy

What kind of commercial awning works for me?

When you’re considering installing a commercial awning, there’s a lot to ponder. From comfort to style, shape, size and material, the design and functionality of your awning need to work with your brand.

There are a lot of elements to consider, so working with the experienced team at A-Tech Australia can make all of the difference to your installation.


As one of the major reasons that commercial businesses install awnings, the element of protection needs to be carefully approached. Some commercial awnings, including aluminium-based ones, can provide storm protection and cyclone protection. As for fabric-based awnings, protection is a little more limited, however, it could prevent storm debris from blowing in through windows. As for retractable commercial awnings, no storm or major wind protection is guaranteed, and they should actually be retracted or taken down in preparation for bad weather. It’s worth considering what kinds of weather your commercial awning needs to withstand when looking into installing one.

The view

A commercial shop front awning, especially when installed in a bar or cafe, needs to take the view into consideration. As awnings block the view of the trees, the sky and the outside world, it’s worth considering whether your patrons or staff are okay with losing their view. On the flip side, a commercial awning can cover up an undesirable view and provide extra privacy, so it all depends on what your commercial business is looking for.


One of the most common reasons that commercial businesses install awnings are for shade. Perfect for keeping bright light out, commercial awnings can make a world of difference for your patrons and environment. Window awnings can also add comfortability to office environments if your staff are not keen on a bright, sunny indoor space. If you can see yourself needing both ends of the spectrum, it might be best to opt for a retractable commercial awning.


When looking to install a commercial shop front awning, it’s worth thinking about the future, too. Awnings can last a long time with proper care – especially aluminium awning windows, which can last up to decades. When it comes to fabric awnings, the frames may prove durable, but it’s a given that you’ll eventually have to change the fabric. Every fabric comes with a different warranty.


Commercial shopfront awnings can be costly, but there are ways to stay within budget. Fabrics vary in cost, and metal awnings are often a little cheaper than fabric awnings. It’s worth noting that although a commercial awning could be costly, it could provide valuable and unmatched comfort and accessibility for your customers and staff members, which is likely to save you money in the long run.

Whether you’re stuck on the idea of a commercial awning or you know exactly what you want, A-Tech Australia can help make it happen.