Commercial awning window – front glazed


In rooms where furniture and other objects prevent complete access to the window, aluminium awning windows are a great option. Often chosen because of their practical design and functionality for ventilation, these windows are ideal for closed living spaces, improving the comfort, appearance and value of your home.

Some benefits of awning windows include:

Custom design
At A-Tech Australia, we will custom design each window to fit seamlessly and be installed to suit the style of any room in your home. Our aluminium awning windows have a strong, sturdy frame and are guaranteed to remain durable after years of installation. They also offer sound-proofing benefits because of they way they are sealed when closed.

Enhanced safety and security
The fixed chain restricts opening to ensure the awning window only opens to a certain degree. This helps prevent accidents, particularly in the homes of families with young children and elderly people. Our durable locks and additional keyed locks will also ensure that your home is secure.

Additional obscure glass
We offer obscure glass options for bathrooms and toilets that are an ideal option for privacy, which is not compromised when open, and security. Awnings are also an ideal option for uninterrupted views, with no obstructions as aluminium is only on the perimeter.

The chain-operated winder also enables you to have your window open so you can enjoy the comfort of a refreshing living space. The design of our aluminium awning windows also provides the option of additional ventilation throughout rain showers.

Our aluminium awning windows are built and installed with the highest quality aluminium available. This means that your windows will remain in exceptional condition and last for years to come.