Are Aluminium Windows the Best Choice for a Resident in Sydney?

26 Feb 2021

Sydney is made up of different suburbs, all with varying features. Those located near the beach have beautiful views and excellent breeze, the city dwellers usually have issues with noise but impressive nighttime views while those in residential areas benefit from quiet neighbourhoods but little privacy. Therefore, when recommending windows to someone, it can be quite difficult to come up with a suggestion that meets all needs. While a window’s configuration is dependent on an individual resident’s needs, we believe that, overall, A-Tech Australia’s aluminium windows are the best option for any Sydneysider.

As mentioned previously, the needs of different suburbs in Sydney are dependent on their location as well as the resident. However, there are specific requirements needed in all of Sydney, and frankly, for any resident that wants a long-lasting and durable product. In this article, we’ll take a look at how the following factors are mitigated and in some cases, made non-existent with aluminium windows. Here are some of the issues/concerns that directly related to the selection of windows that residents in Sydney may have.

  • Noise pollution stemming from busy roads and nightlife
  • Deterioration from weather elements (sea breeze, rain, sunlight)
  • Lack of natural light and natural ventilation
  • Lack of privacy

In this article, we’ll discuss how aluminium windows can help residents with all of the above issues. While many of the benefits of aluminium windows are dependent on its configuration, A-Tech Australia provides all that is mentioned in this article and offers special customisation features to improve your comfort.

4 reasons why aluminium windows are the best choice for a resident in Sydney

  1. Weather-resistant

    With Sydney’s high temperatures and rainy days, it can be difficult to find a window that is resistant to all of these elements. Residing in a beachside property also increases the risk of corrosion (rusting) from salt corrosion and excessive moisture.

    Aluminium is naturally corrosion-resistant and will not degrade in the face of rain, sun, winds or salt, making it perfect for almost any property in Sydney, but especially for beachside properties. Suburbs along the coast also incur high winds, however, aluminium windows are incredibly structurally sound and will withstand pressure from strong winds. Regardless of the configuration that you select, A-Tech Australia promises a durable and weather-resistant product.

  2. Wide glass screens

    Almost every suburb in Sydney is privileged to have a gorgeous view – whether it be city lights, Darling Harbour, one of the many beautiful beaches in our city or lush green trees from a nearby park. For this reason, you must capitalise on whatever view you have surrounding your home. The best option for enjoying your view is a sliding aluminium window or stacking aluminium window. Both offer amazing views when opened and closed, allowing you to frame the interior of your home around your view.

    A sliding or stacking aluminium window also allows you to better connect to your exterior by providing incredible views and allowing for the passage of natural light. This does not only improve the aesthetic of your home, but it makes your living area feel much more spacious.

  3. Privacy and ventilation

    In residential suburbs, a major problem that residents contend with is privacy and security. As homes are usually located very close together (especially in areas like the inner-west), nosy neighbours quickly become a concern for residents. This may lead homeowners to stay away from wide windows and reduce the ventilation in their homes, however, for high-moisture rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms, ventilation is necessary.

    Awning windows can be made very small and be placed high to avoid the prying eyes of neighbours. This gives you privacy and security and still allows your room to benefit from ventilation. Louvres are another great option as they can easily be fully closed to prevent passers-by or neighbours from being able to see into your room and then opened when the room is not in use.

  4. Noise pollution

    City dwellers and suburban residents usually have to deal with nightlife noise, sounds from neighbours passing and chattering and busy streets (even construction sometimes!). For comfortable living, double-glazed windows should be selected along with an aluminium frame. Double glass panes trap noise going in and out of a home between the panes, ensuring that residents never have to worry about being woken up by external noises.

As you can see, aluminium windows are the best option for any resident living in Sydney. It offers a plethora of functional benefits and is an excellent investment. For more advice on our products or guidance regarding our products, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer customisation advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your business.