The Benefits of Aluminium Windows: Sydney, Be Informed

17 Feb 2019

When building any structure, a combination of style, efficiency and affordability is important. Through a mechanical, physical and chemical lens, aluminium possesses all the appropriate qualities needed to produce withstanding windows, appropriate for all types of construction projects.

Being a part of the commercial industry for over 125 years, aluminium production is a vehicle for contemporary living, providing styling options, benefitting builders and residents and, above all, increasing environmental sustainability.

Choosing aluminium windows: what’s the difference?

The increasing popularity of aluminium windows in Sydney should alone be an indicator of quality. Aluminium windows are used for both residential and commercial projects and are perfect candidates when considering quality and affordability.

Construction and design are now synonymous and, because of technology, the building industry is evolving. The limberness and versatility of aluminium has generated significant innovation in the building industry, meaning that all stakeholders in the building process are able to reap benefits. Its distinct ability to work hand in hand with technology through design and flexibility means that off-the-plan means going to plan.

Here are some benefits of selecting aluminium over vinyl, wood or any other material used to structure windows:

  • Durable: exceptionally strong, aluminium is able to withstand weather conditions, is moisture resistant, and is insulated leaving window frames corrosion-free.

  • Economical: more affordable than most other materials used for window frames, aluminium windows save you money as they are cheaper than most other materials used for window frames.

  • Lightweight but mighty: 1/3 the weight of steel and relatively lighter than most other materials, aluminium windows have an extremely high strength to weight ratio, meaning lightweight does not compromise strength.

  • Low maintenance: practically maintenance-free (but we can’t say that out loud), aluminium windows do not need to be repainted, re-stained or replaced! No peeling + no flaking = no maintenance!

  • Flexibility in design & finish: the flexibility of aluminium means that there is no limit to creativity and design. This means that aluminium can fit your home’s architecture, match your style, serve the right purpose, and so on…

Governments, corporations and individuals have opened their eyes to the future health and survival of the environment and, more than ever, 21st century living is aimed at enriching, not exploiting, the environment. Sydneysiders have embraced the concept of environmental sustainability and, you guessed it, so has the aluminium industry.

Selecting aluminium as part of the construction process is saying ‘yes’ to committing to people, products and to the planet simultaneously. By choosing aluminium over other traditional window resources, builders and residents alike are able to achieve both economic and social goals for Sydney.

Here are some environmental benefits of opting for aluminium windows:

  • Thermal performance: energy efficiency means that heat gain and heat loss are improved at least 50% more than wood and other materials.

  • Reduction of carbon footprint: aluminium thermal performance means that carbon footprints can be reduced, simply through the aforementioned energy savings.

  • Recyclability: aluminium is now more sustainable than ever, being the highest recyclable metal, reinforcing its environmental credentials.

The aluminium advantage is incomparable.

To find out more about how Sydneysiders can reap the benefits of quality aluminium windows, contact A-Tech Australia on 1300 775 525 for a free quote.