Are Aluminium Sliding Doors for You? Let’s Break It Down

11 May 2020

In Sydney, door options are endless. However, in recent years aluminium sliding doors have been one of the most popular choices for homeowners. The sleek and modern appearance of these doors seems to have captivated many Aussie homeowners. However, aesthetic is not the only variable that may impact your decision. Aluminium sliding doors are very different from its traditional counterparts. If you’re one of those people contemplating the purchase of an aluminium sliding door, then lucky for you, we may have made it easier. Read our breakdown of aluminium sliding doors and decide if they’re right for you.

Style and design

If you’re a fan of modern and sleek designs, then aluminium doors are for you. With clean-edged frames and beautiful crystal clear glass, aluminium sliding doors can easily fit into your living room, patio or any other room.

A-Tech Australia’s bi-fold aluminium doors come in fully floating, folding or hinged styles with a selection of panel widths up to 900mm wide and 300mm, giving you and your designer ample options for design.

Simply put, if you appreciate a modern and sleek aesthetic and love the idea that you can customise to suit your style, then aluminium sliding doors are for you.

More space and walking room

The design of the aluminium sliding door means that you don’t have to worry about a door swinging in or out and occupying valuable space. This is especially valuable in the summer and spring months when doors are frequently left open for fresh air.

With a bi-fold door, two functional rooms can be separated or joined. Create privacy in one room or bring them together for one large functional room. It removes the permanence of a concrete wall and is a more aesthetically pleasing option. A bi-fold door also gives the illusion of a large space, even if it is closed.

Easier maintenance for busy parents

Time and kids always get the best of us. With any kind of surface, the opportunity for fingerprints, dust, water spots or any other kind of element to end up on our doors is possible. It is not something that can be avoided but, it is something that can be made easier.

With aluminium sliding doors, maintenance is extremely easy. Here are a few ways you can clean different types of aluminium sliding doors.

  • For aluminium sliding doors that have one face on the outside, use a garden hose to douse the frames and glass. This will remove surface dirt and make it easier to wipe down. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe the outside and rinse once again.

  • On the side facing indoors, wipe down dirt or stains with a damp cloth. For tougher stains, use an aluminium cleaner on the frames and a glass cleaner on the screen.


When deciding on whether or not to purchase aluminium sliding doors, remember one thing: they are versatile. We mean versatile in both the practical and cosmetic sense. Practically, aluminium sliding doors can be used to enclose patios, as front or back doors or even as room separators. Cosmetically, they fit in with a multitude of aesthetics and always update a look. So, the next time you’re wondering if it’ll fit into your home’s style, remember that aluminium sliding doors can work anywhere and for anyone.

Natural light for small rooms

A beautiful benefit of aluminium doors is their ability to allow natural light into a room. The large screen allows sunlight into rooms and instantly brightens them. This is extremely beneficial for anyone with a small apartment or home, in need of space. Natural light brightens up corners and makes any room seem much larger than it is.

So, who will benefit from aluminium sliding doors?

Now that we’ve outlined the qualities of aluminium sliding doors, let’s take a look at who it’s best suited for.

  • Parentsaluminium doors allow you to maintain privacy and keep an eye on your kids with their glass screens. Create fluid movement throughout your house and then section it off for a quieter setting.

  • Apartment owners – apartments are great but, the main drawback is the size. Aluminium sliding doors will shine natural light on small rooms and give the illusion of a spacious abode.

  • Busy bodies – low maintenance is always a priority for anyone who’s busy. Aluminium sliding doors are well-known for not needing rigorous or frequent cleaning.

If you’ve decided that aluminium sliding doors are right for you, then choose A-Tech Australia for your next residential or commercial project. We promise nothing but the best. 

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