Why choose aluminium sliding doors?

19 Jul 2018

If you’re looking to renovate or build, it’s worth considering aluminium sliding doors. Here’s why …


One of the compelling reasons for choosing aluminium sliding doors is their inherent durability and low-maintenance. Aluminium does not rust, rot or deteriorate.

A-Tech’s sliding doors are precision engineered to withstand both extreme temperature and constant changes in temperature without any signs of wear and tear.


Thanks to continuing technological innovation, aluminium sliding doors are optimised for energy efficiency – preventing the outflow of air, trapping sunlight for heat retention through the choice of panelling and reducing uneven heating and cooling via dual panning.

aluminium sliding doors


A-Tech’s sliding doors are stylish and practical space savers. Ideal for opening up free-flowing access from indoor to outdoor areas, they are also great when you want to divide large areas into two spaces, You can choose from fully floating or a combination of floating, folding or hinged entry – and the good news is, all designs incorporate a universal overhead track and carriage system that allows a selection of panel widths up to 900mm wide and 300mm high.


Aluminium sliding doors are also a no-brainer when it comes to ease of use, while also offering great security when you’re not around.

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