Aluminium Stacker VS Sliding Doors: The Knockout Round

04 Apr 2019

Building a new house or just renovating? Both of these options could incorporate the installation of a stacker/sliding door. But which one should you place your bet on?

Of course, adding value to your home is always a key consideration when thinking about design alternatives and features.

Either door could be the winner.

A growing trend, especially in Sydney, is to have the ultimate indoor-outdoor living experience. Taking advantage of hot summer days and crisp winter nights, stacker/sliding doors can provide the convenience of entertaining and making the most of the wonderful outdoors.

These doors are designed with amazing functionality and quality, fitting the needs of any house.

“Everything is designed, Few things are designed well.” – Brian Reed

Stacker Doors

Is there a party? If entertaining is a major part of your lifestyle, perhaps a stacker door is the perfect choice.

Enabling guests to mingle between both indoor and outdoor areas creates more space for entertaining and increases the comfort for the host. Stacker doors have a faultless design permitting accessibility and flow within the house.

Yes, access can be made through a simple open-shut conventional door. However, a stacker door will not only provide access but can open up the layout and atmosphere of your home.

Allowing an abundance of fresh air and natural light, the stacker door will have you staying in, instead of savouring a night out – utilising the space of your home!

Lacking space and desire a feeling of openness? Aluminium stacker doors can provide you with those benefits, creating an open flow between areas in your home.

A stacker door consists of panels which are smaller than a sliding door. This permits the user to control the number of panels opened, which in turn controls the amount of fresh air let into the home.

A stacker door is most suited to a setting with a wide doorway, as the number of panels needs to fit along the space.

However, if the doorway is narrow, consider the option of a sliding door as this provides similar benefits of opening up space yet could be a better fit.

An additional advantage of the stacker door is the opportunity to install a flyscreen/security screen. Say goodbye to flies and insects entering the home!

What about a sliding door?

Sliding doors are a common feature of many homes. It is essentially a door with two or more panels, consisting of one that can slides.

They open up in a horizontal direction along a track. Sliding doors are quite different from stacking doors in terms of design. However, they provide similar benefits.

These doors can be used as a great way to create seamless access between the inside of the home and a patio area. Sliding the door open can instantly create a fresh atmosphere within the home letting the breeze and sunlight in.

Similar to the stacker door, aluminium sliding doors offer the option of installing a fly screen limiting insects/leaves or any other remains entering inside.

A great way to save money on your electricity bill is to incorporate a glass sliding door. This provides the benefit of allowing the natural sunlight to enter inside the home, diminishing the use of artificial lights.

Which do I place money on: Aluminium stacker doors or sliding doors?

When making a decision on what kind of door suits your home setting, it is crucial to research and understand the layout and specifications of your home.

Both stacker and sliding doors present comparable benefits, these being:

  • convenience,
  • practicality,
  • efficiency,
  • functionality.

However, they do have a distinguished difference which all depends on the amount of space required.

A stacker door is best used in the situation where there is a wide doorway with unbroken openings. If space is an issue, the sliding door is the best alternative. This is due to the sliding door not requiring several panels folding on each other. All that is needed is length, not width.

Whatever your choice may be, make sure research is initiated and your needs are considered.

Both options are a great way of opening space, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a sliding door?

Fixing a sliding door is not a completely simple step. However, doesn’t require an extensive amount of work. To make sure your sliding door is working properly and to fix it if it is not – it is crucial to ensure the rollers and tracks are of high quality. This is to make sure there is minimal wear and tear due to the constant opening and closing of the door.

Can sliding doors be adjusted?

Yes, they can if broken. Removal and replacement of the rollers is the main step of adjustment.

How much does it cost to repair a sliding door?

This all depends on the issue presented. Some doors will be completely damaged, needing a whole uplift, while others will only need a replacement of a roller. Depending on the damage done, the cost will vary. A-tech can help provide you with specific details on your requirements!

How do you clean sliding door tracks?

Tip: Stay away from oil! A vacuum cleaner is the best choice to remove all dirt and remains. Disposable wipes/ rubbing of alcohol are also great ways of wiping down the inside and giving it a good clean.

Do stacker doors come with any security?

Of course! With a quality addition of a keyed lock for added security, there is no need to fear.

Will I be able to choose a certain finish for the stacker doors?

Lucky for you, stacker doors come in a wide range of glazing, colour, glass and configuration choices. A custom look can be tailored just for you!

Still can’t make the decision? A-Tech Australia can assist you with all things windows from manufacturing, supplying and installing.

With expert knowledge and professional staff, the process of installation will be efficient and of high quality. Contact A-Tech Australia today on 1300 775 525 to get sorted!