6 Ways to Add Style and Save Power: Louvre Installation in Your Home

05 Feb 2020

Aluminium louvres. The answer to all the problems in your home. One of the most energy-efficient and stylish windows on the market. These windows have been around for longer than you think, but they still accomplish the job better than many other windows on the market.

Aluminium louvre windows were first constructed and used in Europe as a venting system for large kitchens. They were typically constructed of wood and clay. Thanks to modern technology we are now lucky to have some of the most amazing materials to choose from, including aluminium!

There are often many misjudgements about louvre windows! People often think these windows can only be used in commercial structures, are hard to clean and can’t be fitted with flyscreens.

We are here to clear it up and let you know that these couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, they can be used in commercial settings, however, louvre windows are installed and used in many residential applications, elevating the design and functionality of the space.

The design of louvres has changed dramatically since the first invention. Most of them are made using glass slats, wood and aluminium. Louvres can be easily cleaned and maintained from the inside making them an ideal choice in warmer climates. If you are worried about security screens and safety, louvre screens also solve that problem. Quality louvres can be fitted with flyscreens and security screens ensuring you keep all the nasties and pests out.

If you’re considering installing a louvre window for your home, it is best to think about where they will be located. There are many places you can install these windows for residential application, however, we are going to outline our top six that will have you enjoying all the benefits!

  1. Residential louvre installation: internal walls

    Aluminium louvres can be used in walkways as a part of the wall space for internal ventilation. They can be installed into aluminium frames to match other windows inside the home. Adding louvres inside the home helps add a sense of space with the ability to open-out walls for added light, ventilation and connection. Internal aluminium louvres are beneficial when you have them in other parts of the house as it creates an airy feel and natural light within the home.

  2. Residential louvre installation: exposed windows

    “Up to 40% of a home’s heating energy can be lost and up to 87% of its heat gained through windows.” In saying that, we still want to benefit from natural sunlight. Exposed louvres are the ultimate option and help insulate your home effectively by closing louvres at night, or on very hot days. Louvres allow ventilation and insulation while providing security and noise control!

  3. Residential louvre installation: bathrooms

    One of the best areas to install louvres is within the bathroom. Let the steam out in a flash and defog your mirror with the simple addition of the installation of louvre windows. Louvres are the answer to an open, fresh and seamless bathroom design. With these windows, you can control the amount of light and air you want into your bathroom. Louvre window blades can be adjusted to suit your needs. Not only does it provide your bathroom space with natural light, but they also allow steam to escape quickly and eliminate the build-up of condensation. They are also beneficial for a bathroom space as they can be installed with frosted glass, adding an element of privacy.

  4. Residential louvre installation: kitchen

    Louvre windows are great for kitchen spaces as they let out unwanted odours and brings in the fresh air – all while being stylish. The slatted design of louvres helps to catch the outdoor breeze from a wider angle than a normal door or window and encourages that breeze to move faster in and out of the home.

  5. Residential louvre installation: cupboards

    Louvres can also be used within cupboards for ventilation for clothing storage. Say goodbye to mouldy fabrics and hello to fresh and clean clothes. The perfect way to let air in and create a controlled temperature and extra ventilation for all your storage.

  6. Residential louvre installation: balcony

    Louvre windows can also be used to enclose outdoor balconies – so you can create extra living space year-round for the whole family to enjoy. Aluminium louvres also give your family the privacy they desire from neighbours. Make your balcony a more pleasant place with instant shade and a gentle breeze.

At A-Tech Australia, we have a range of louvre windows you can add to your home for a modern look and refreshed space. Sleek, durable and manufactured with the best quality materials, our louvre windows allow a greater flow of air into your living space than other types of windows.

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