5 Interior Design Trends You Need To Know About in 2020

04 May 2020

Starting a new residential project is a remarkably exciting time for homeowners – a time to experiment with new designs and create a space that they can call home. Every year we see the emergence of new trends, usually reflecting popular themes from the years before. This year, there has been an uptick in natural trends, most likely reflective of the growing eco-consciousness in the world.  Here are 5 design trends you should know about in 2020.

Match your metal cladding with aluminium windows and doors

Metal cladding is a huge trend emerging in 2020. Copper, zinc, steel and aluminium are making a huge comeback with the rise in popularity of non-combustible materials and sustainability. Say goodbye to brick and timber and hello to the modern and sleek look of metal cladding.

To accompany metal cladding comes the trend of aluminium windows and doors. Many companies like A-Tech Australia offer aluminium doors and windows that are sleek and completely customisable so, it’s no surprise that it has joined the trend. Additionally, aluminium is among one of the most sustainable options for window and door frames when compared with other popular materials.

Green is the new black

Perhaps not directly related to the growing eco-consciousness of the world, is the popularity of the colour green. To be specific, soft green, which looks more like muted neutral sage, is making its way into living rooms across Australia. Uniquely combining qualities of an accent and neutral colour, this 2020 hue of green is going nowhere for the next few months.

The muted sage provides calm energy while also blending seamlessly into other 2020 trends like natural colours, green decor and metal cladding.

Add a feminine touch with curves and arches

Though feminine, round edges and arches are for everyone. The architecturally interesting bend in a home adds a touch of softness on traditionally harsh materials. This trend works well when coupled with an edgier trend like aluminium windows and doors or a cool-toned neutral room. Challenge your structural boundaries and push your home into 2020.

Embrace the neutral side with natural colours

Natural colours have always been popular and in 2020, not much will change. Expect the inclusion of the muted sage that was mentioned before and more colours from natural fabrics like jute, hem, undyed wool and sisal. This trend falls in line with the eco-consciousness theme. Bear in mind that these colours are not only for decor and paint colours but can also be utilised in the trend of metal cladding and aluminium windows and doors. The combination of both trends would create the sleek but natural theme that seems to be dominating 2020.

Go green with your homewares and decor

Plastic decor is unsurprisingly on the decline. More people have been leaning towards green homewares and decor. Opt for real, low-maintenance plants like succulents or ferns instead of plastic and fake plants. For homewares, many stores now offer selections made from recyclable materials. You can even upcycle reusable glass bottles and empty candle jars to create your decor. Whatever the case, remember, the theme is to be more environmentally-conscious with one’s homewares and decor.

Now that we’re up to speed with year’s latest trends, let’s take a look at some of the best elements of one of 2020’s trends, aluminium windows and doors.


Depending on the type of aluminium window or door installed, you can create the illusion of more space in your house or apartment. Their large glass windows will prevent the abrupt end to sunlight and space and instead, open up your home to a view of the world.

With a clean uninterrupted look, the sleek appearance of aluminium windows and doors creates a clean and breathable appearance in your home.

Easily cleaned

Aluminium windows and doors are extremely easy to maintain. While being durable and resistant to rust, there’s no need for intense and regular cleaning. They are resistant to most elements, so you don’t need to stress over constantly cleaning to prevent rust and warp. We recommend a quick cleaning of the glass, every 2 to 4 months.

Customisable colours

If the industrial look of aluminium windows and doors does not fit with your aesthetic, then have no fear, you can easily customise its finish. The frames of aluminium windows and doors can be changed according to your colour palette. We recommend that you opt for one of the trending colours this year. Aluminium frames look best with neutral colours and would look beautiful next to a muted sage wall. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re interested in hopping on 2020’s trends of aluminium windows and doors, then choose A-Tech Australia for your next residential or commercial project. Our team will work with you to provide the best product and service.

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