The Battle of the Doors: Aluminium vs Wooden

18 Nov 2019

The most contested debate. Aluminium doors vs wooden/timber doors? Which type is better? We are not here to tell you to choose one over the other, as it all depends on your preferences and needs. However, at A-Tech Australia, we believe aluminium doors are just slightly better and may knock wooden doors if they were to go head-to-head in a battle. In saying that, both aluminium and timber doors have their advantages and disadvantages.

Before selecting the right door for your home, it is essential to weigh up the pros and cons of each and ensure you are making the right decision. Marketers and advertisers are astute and can often sway you into choosing one over the other with a high-resolution brochure image and persuading catchline. However, it is essential to read and understand the different types of materials and learn about what you need before choosing what the ‘salesperson’ thinks is best for you.

Aluminium doors vs wooden doors, who is the winner?


The aesthetic feature of a timber/wooden frame is usually quite appealing and a popular choice amongst many homeowners. The classic design and element of customisation make wooden doors a common choice when it comes to looks. With timber or wood doors, you can choose from a traditional or contemporary appearance depending on the overall design of your home. Wooden doors can be left natural or stained and can add a unique element to the overall design of the house. In saying that, aluminium doors can also be quite aesthetically pleasing. They might be the perfect choice for one home, while another would look better with timber doors. Modern varieties of aluminium doors come in a range of great colours, styles and configurations. The flexibility in design means there is no limit to creativity. No matter your architecture or style, aluminium doors can be tailored to your needs.

Environmental considerations

There is a clear winner in this situation. Aluminium doors and windows are infinitely recyclable and only use 5% of the total energy to produce it from raw materials; 70% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today. On the contrary, when looking at timber doors, we can not say the same. Timber is purely non-recyclable, and to prepare a single wooden door/window one tree is destroyed. Timber windows and doors and not environmentally friendly as we have to compromise our trees for a door.


Aluminium doors and windows are a common choice for homeowners as they require very little maintenance. Aluminium doors are considered reliable and vigorous and are almost maintenance-free! Timber doors require higher maintenance and may even need occasional repairing and resealing. If timber/wooden doors are not maintained properly, they may start to look old and worn out. Their life span also reduces dramatically depending on the type of timber used. If you are shopping for an option that requires almost zero maintenance, aluminium doors are the best option.


Aluminium doors are a much more cost-effective option compared to timber. The overall installation cost is also less, which means you will be receiving savings on two accounts!


Aluminium doors are also coated with powder making them the perfect choice for modern homes. This powder coating doesn’t discolour, rust or peel! If you want to achieve the timber/wooden look without installing actual timber, you can always coat your aluminium doors with a timber effect for a natural look.

Durability and strength

When analysing durability and strength, both wooden and aluminium doors are both long-lasting if installed and maintained correctly. In saying that, aluminium has much more durability and strength compared to wood doors. Aluminium doors can also be customised and made in a variety of shapes and sizes. The durability of aluminium doors also makes them ideal for large windows and door combinations.

In brief, the A-tech team believes aluminium doors are the winner. Why? Because we manufacture and supply some of the most exceptional aluminium doors superior in quality, security and function.

Just a quick re-cap on why Aluminium doors may be the better choice for your home.

  1. They are cheaper install
  2. They are more economical to purchase
  3. They are maintenance-free
  4. They are customisable
  5. They are sleek, minimal and modern

Aluminium doors vs wooden doors? Have we convinced you yet? Talk to the A-Tech team for more information about aluminium windows and doors to help you make the right decision.

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