4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Aluminium Bifold Windows for Your Family Home

26 Jul 2021

Windows connect your home to the outdoor world. Whether it’s simply by providing natural ventilation or a beautiful view of the natural landscape, windows are an important functional and aesthetic element of any home. There are several windows on the market, all made with varying materials and in different configurations. However, for family homes, we highly recommend aluminium bifold windows.

At A-Tech Australia, we offer several configurations for windows, however, in this article, we’ll outline why aluminium bifold windows are uniquely suitable for a family home.

4 reasons why aluminium bifold windows are the best choice for your family home

  1. Improves the spaciousness of a room

    In a family home, space can appear limited fairly easily. Whether your furniture makes the room appear cluttered or the physical space is simply too small, your home can feel stifling at times. Part of the reason for this is that, particularly in older homes, rooms are sectioned off with walls which make the entire home feel very closed-off. An easy way to remedy this is to knock down a wall, however, that is costly and not always possible.

    A great solution for this is to install aluminium bifold windows throughout the home. Bifold windows provide fluidity throughout the home and distract the eye from the clutter and size of the overall home. Bifold windows also allow natural light into the home which illuminates dark corners and overall, makes the home appear and feel more spacious.

  2. Improves ventilation

    Ventilation is key for making a home feel comfortable, whether it is in a large space like the living room or a small space like the bathroom. Whether you select our fully floating, folding or hinged styles, bifold windows are excellent at providing natural ventilation in your home.

    Natural ventilation is key to providing your home with clean fresh air, particularly in high-moisture areas like the kitchen. It makes your entire home feel more breathable and can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. With natural ventilation, there’s little use for air conditioning systems, which often cause incredibly high utility bills for family homes. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy a reduced bill at the end of the month.

  3. Secures a space for your family

    Most families want to enjoy the benefits of a bifold door but worry about the risks to vulnerable members of their family. Most doors and some window configurations are hazardous for children and pets because they can easily leave the home unattended and end up in a dangerous situation. However, just because you’re worried about the safety of your family, doesn’t mean you need to leave the benefits of the bifold configuration behind.

    A bifold window gives you the best of both worlds; you’re able to enjoy natural light, ventilation and views without worrying about the rest of your family. Bifold windows do not extend to your floor’s level and are usually placed out of reach of a small child or pet. For these reasons, they are a much safer option than bifold doors.

  4. Provides a durable and lifelong option

    Family homes are expensive to upkeep. Additionally, when a new feature is to be installed, the entire family’s life is uprooted. For these reasons, it’s important that whatever you purchase for your home is not just functional, but of high quality and durability.

    Our bifold window frames and hardware are made with the best-sourced aluminium. The bifold windows also have a full perimeter seal, a sturdy head and sill and an open out configuration to protect against the Australian weather.

What does this mean for you? Our bifold windows will be with your home for a very long time.

Why should you purchase your windows from A-Tech Australia?

Aluminium bifold windows from A-Tech Australia are unlike any other offered on the market. We know how important the aesthetic and functionality of your windows are which is why we make every effort to provide quality and design freedom.

  • Design Freedom

    Our aluminium windows incorporate a universal overhead track and carriage system that facilitates various panel widths. We also offer a selection of powder coating colours so that you can customise the look of your frame.

  • Quality

    While consumers are spoiled for choice, at A-Tech Australia, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with windows made from the highest quality material – aluminium. Our aluminium is durable and corrosion-resistant, guaranteeing you a life-long investment.

Whenever you decide to invest in A-Tech Australia’s aluminium bifold windows, rest assured that you’ll be improving the aesthetic and comfort of your property. For more product specifications or inquiries surrounding our aluminium bifold windows or any other products, have a chat with our team today.