Ocean by Meriton, QLD


A-Tech Australia was responsible for the building’s façade, balcony sliding doors and louvre system. As Ocean by Meriton is set to be the tallest residential unit tower in Queensland with 76 storeys, it was vital that the systems and products provided by A-Tech Australia be both innovative and durable.



The technical structure and impressive height of the development meant that A-Tech Australia was presented two main challenges:

  • The podium car park contained a curved fluted double-storey façade. 
  • Various angles of the faceted façade had to be accommodated.


Our Approach

For the façade system design, our team used a window wall design with covered and uncovered slab edges. We incorporated vertical plant louvres and balustrades into the design. Façade panels were single-glazed and the façade spandrels used as shadowbox panels. The subhead and sub-sill were designed to accommodate customised slab covers. 

The structural design and engineering were based on the wind report and building movement report. As a result of our findings, a 150mm deep façade system was designed with heat-strengthened laminated external glazing. 220mm deep vertical plant chevron louvres designed for the zero-visibility and free area required.

The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) assessment and Section J report indicated that tinted single low-E coated and tinted single non-coated glass should be used. Thermally broken sections were also included in the design to satisfy low U-values requirements for awning windows.

The façade system was successfully tested to AS4284, and balcony doors to AS2047. For quality control, a façade consultant firm, Surface Design, was engaged by the client to review design, drawing documentation, installation methods and testing of the façade to AS4284. A quality control program was established for manufacturing and ITPs for install. Regular site inspections by the consultant and site water testing to AAMA501.2 every 5 weeks.

To overcome the challenge presented by the podium car park, A-Tech Australia designed customised bent/curved fixtures to accommodate for various panels with customised patch fittings. Secondary curved steel structure design to support most of the façade. 

Our coupling systems design allows for manufacturing straight and rectangular panels which allow us to accommodate for various angles of the faceted façade. Multiple angled couplers attached to the straight panel on-site allow for the curvature of the building façade. Extrusions marked with letters were incorporated into the section to facilitate recognition of the right coupling profile. Mullion coupling system was also used to accommodate various angled connections.