Why Should You Use Fixed Aluminium Windows on Your Property?

30 Jun 2021

Have you ever wondered what the value of a fixed aluminium window is? You’re not alone! Many of our business and residential clients don’t understand the purpose of a window that cannot open beyond being purely ornamental. A large portion of the confusion surrounding the usefulness of a fixed aluminium window stems from clients not connecting the problems they experience in their residential and commercial properties with the qualities of a fixed aluminium window.

In this article, we won’t just connect problems experienced in properties with solutions offered by fixed aluminium windows, but we’ll also present valuable features that this configuration offers.

4 reasons why fixed aluminium windows can be useful for your property

  1. Framing a view

    If you’re lucky enough to have your property located on a piece of land with a beautiful view, then you’d certainly want to take advantage of it by installing a window. Ensure that you install it in a room and at an angle that allows you to fully appreciate the view.

    Many times, a large window is needed to fully frame the view. Regardless of if it’s on the first or second storey, a large window that opens is a security risk. A fixed aluminium window will provide you with a window that’s perfect for framing your view and that does not create a risk to your home or business.

  2. Allowing natural light in difficult areas

    Many times, small rooms such as bathrooms, storage and laundry rooms, don’t have enough space to facilitate a window that opens. Hallways and dining rooms often don’t require ventilation especially since an open window can ruin the aesthetic of the area and interrupt the flow of movement.

    In these scenarios, a fixed aluminium window would be effective because it facilitates the passage of natural light in rooms and areas that don’t need ventilation but that would benefit from illumination. With a stream of natural light, your property can benefit from energy efficiency, and make the space appear larger.

  3. Providing safety

    If a child or pet has easy access to a room with a wide-open window such as an aluminium sliding window, safety may become an issue. A child or pet can accidentally jump or fall out of the window. This is often a concern in nurseries and kids’ rooms; it also becomes an issue with windows that are located at an extremely low level (pets and children can reach it).

    While you can keep your window closed at all times and just enjoy the natural light, a fixed aluminium window is a better alternative to a window that opens. A fixed window is generally more cost-effective than other options because it cannot open. We recommend purchasing this option if you intend on not opening your window for security reasons as it is a more affordable option.

  4. Cost-effective option for bay windows

    Bay windows are a beautiful addition to any home. In addition to offering an excellent view of the outdoors, the aesthetic it provides is timeless and elegant. Bay windows are a premium feature and often come at a hefty price tag because of the number of windows needed to create the design.

    We recommend using fixed aluminium windows combined with awning windows to reduce the cost of the bay windows and to increase the security of your home.

What are the best locations for a fixed aluminium window?

This is a question that many customers ask our team. Taking the above benefits into account, here are recommended locations for your fixed aluminium windows:

  • Among other aluminium windows as a decorative element: This reduces the price for decorative elements that require numerous windows.

  • Dining room: Many people don’t like natural ventilation in their dining rooms but would appreciate natural light from the fixed window.

  • Nursery/toy room: Fixed windows provide safety and security in rooms with young children. It prevents criminals from getting in and children from getting out.

  • Hallway: Hallways often require natural light and do not benefit from natural ventilation.

While our team recommends the above, bear in mind that the location of fixed windows is primarily dependent on your lifestyle, your preferences and your family.

These are just a few ways how fixed aluminium windows can serve a purpose beyond being simply decorative. It’s clear from this article then when used effectively, fixed aluminium windows can provide security, natural light and a beautiful view.

Fixed aluminium windows are an excellent cost-effective option to aluminium sliding or louvre windows, however, your ideal choice should be based on your lifestyle and needs. We have a full range of products available on our website.

Whenever you decide to invest in A-tech Australia’s fixed aluminium windows, rest assured that you’ll be improving the aesthetic and comfort of your property. For more product specifications or enquiries surrounding our fixed windows or any other products, have a chat with our team today.