Why Residential Awning Windows are the Best Option for Sydney’s Weather

27 Jun 2021

Winter in Sydney is not as miserable as in other countries, however, it can stop you from enjoying life’s simple pleasures and confine you to your home. A-tech Australia’s residential aluminium awning windows are the best option for enjoying the few benefits that our cold weather has to offer and for avoiding some of the negative effects that come with it.

What problems can aluminium awning windows solve?

Sydney’s winter is marked by low temperatures (never freezing), rainy days and windy conditions. While certainly not the worst, it can disrupt your daily life if you are not appropriately prepared. Along with sufficient heating, the right windows are necessary for maintaining  your home during winter. Here are some of the problems you may experience if you are not adequately prepared: 

  • Mould – in high-moisture rooms such as bathrooms and  laundry rooms, it can  develop on various surfaces.

  • Lack of ventilation – when it’s cold and wet, many people shut their windows, leading homes to become ‘stuffy’ due to a lack of natural air ventilation.

  • Rusting – depending on the furnishings in and outside your home, heavy rainfall can cause materials to deteriorate.

  • Seeping  – seeping often occurs on poorly sealed and deteriorated windows and becomes a major problem during winter as rainfall is more frequent.

Residential awning windows are not often thought of as necessary by many clients. The configuration is viewed by many Australians who value the sunshine of Sydney as ineffective. However, during winter and for specific rooms, residential awning windows become incredibly valuable for maintaining a comfortable home.

4 reasons why residential awning aluminium windows are integral for your home during winter

Prevents mould

Two of the most common causes of mould during winter are high humidity and condensation – both of which are made worse by a lack of air ventilation, particularly after taking a hot shower or using your dryer. In laundry rooms and bathrooms, it can be difficult to install a standard size aluminium sliding window at eye level, particularly when privacy is a concern (with bathrooms).

A residential awning aluminium window can be installed at a high height and left open, even while you’re in the shower. This allows the humidity to escape while you’re showering or doing the laundry, preventing a gradual build-up of mould during the winter.

Does not corrode

Winter is usually the season that lets you know if your exterior windows, doors and anything that’s exposed to the elements is weather-resistant. For many Australians, windows, specifically the framing on windows, rust, bubble, split and crack when exposed to excessive moisture. This usually happens with porous materials such as timber, or materials that are coated with non-weather-resistant paint.

Our residential awning aluminium windows are highly corrosion and weather resistant. The powder coating products that we use are reliable and also corrosion and weather resistant. This means that during winter, even if there’s a rainstorm, our windows will perform brilliantly, with no sign of deterioration.

Facilitates safe air ventilation

During winter, rain often stops many people from opening their windows in fear that rain will enter the open window and ruin their home. This results in reduced ventilation inside the home which can lead to a stuffy and uncomfortable atmosphere. 

However, with awning windows, you can keep the windows open, even if it’s raining outside. The awning on the window prevents the rain from entering your home through the open window. This means that during the winter, you can easily leave your window open when you’re not at home, even if it’s raining or rain is expected.

No seeping

This point has more to do with the craftsmanship and quality provided by A-tech Australia than the configuration of the awning window. It’s important to note that in the designing, manufacturing and installation of your residential awning window, our team promises a high-calibre of service. 

Through quality assurance checks, we promise that throughout the winter, moisture and water from heavy rainfall will not seep through improper sealing or manufacturing of the glass screens of our aluminium frames.

We hope that this article convinces you of the value of A-tech Australia residential aluminium awning windows. While we highly recommend our sliding and louvre windows for residents who want to take full advantage of Sydney’s warm weather, residential awning windows are necessary for keeping your home comfortable and well-ventilated during winter. Whenever you decide to invest in A-tech Australia’s residential awning aluminium windows, rest assured that you’ll be improving the value and comfort of your property.

For more product specifications or enquiries surrounding our residential awning windows or any other products, have a chat with our team today.