Why Our Floor To Ceiling Windows Are The Newest Way To Define Your Home

29 Oct 2021

Every Australian wants their home to be a unique and impressive sanctuary away from the monotony of life. Windows are one of the most effective ways to transform the interior of your home into the masterpiece that you want. Floor to ceiling windows have always been an outstanding feature in homes and recently, they’ve been resurging in popularity with our clients.

Understanding the effectiveness of floor to ceiling windows is quite easy even if you have minimal imagination skills. The aluminium window frame will extend upwards to your ceiling, starting from your floor. Its width is dependent on your home, however, for the most dramatic effect, we generally recommend that our clients utilise the entirety of one side of a wall or corner of a room, preferably where there is a view.

Why you should install floor to ceiling windows

  • Frame your view

    If you are privileged enough to have your home surrounded by gorgeous scenery, then do yourself a favour and invite it into your home through floor to ceiling windows. These windows make your view the focal point of your home and allow you to appreciate your beautiful surroundings and view from the comfort of inside your home.

    Have a panoramic view you’d love to show off? Extend your floor to ceiling windows through the width of your home to capitalise on its beauty.

  • Allow natural light into your home

    One of the primary benefits of any window is its facilitation of natural light. It’s no surprise that floor to ceiling windows do an excellent job of illuminating a home with natural light. Take in the beauty of sunsets and sunrises through your floor to ceiling windows and enjoy the impressive illumination of your entire home.

    If you’re worried about having too much natural light or not enough privacy, simply add window furnishings such as blinds or curtains.

  • Make your space appear larger

    As natural light pours into a home through a window, it’s easy for the space to appear much larger than it would if it were in the dark. Natural light illuminates the dark corners of a room and generally, makes everything appear brighter and larger, so it’s easy to see why this configuration will make your home appear more spacious.

    As floor to ceiling windows end at the ceiling, they draw the eye upward which creates the illusion that your home has higher ceilings and is larger. Additionally, the uncluttered and fluid appearance of the windows also aids in creating the perception of a more spacious room or home.

  • Create an opportunity for drama

    Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home? Floor to ceiling windows present the perfect design opportunity. Customise the windows through the powder coat colour of the aluminium frames or cleverly utilise blinds, shutters and curtains for dramatic effect. The opportunities are endless with floor to ceiling windows – just use your imagination.

Where should you install floor to ceiling windows?

Though we believe that floor to ceiling windows are effective in almost every area of a home, there are a few spots that prove to be most impressive.

  • Living room

    Naturally, people spend the majority of their time in their living room. What better way to enjoy your windows than by relaxing with a breathtaking view?

  • Dining room

    Dining with the backdrop of nature afforded by your windows will make any dinner special. It also serves as a wonderful conversation point when entertaining guests.

  • Kitchen

    Kitchens are another frequented space in your home. Serenely cook with a clear view of the outdoors.

Who are floor to ceiling windows right for?

It’s worth noting that while floor to ceiling windows are an exciting new addition to a home, they may not be right for everyone. Here are some considerations to keep in mind about floor to ceiling windows:

  • Unless you have additional window furnishings, these windows can present a lack of privacy issue.

  • While maintenance of aluminium windows is generally low, as floor to ceiling windows take up a large space in your home, they need to be pristine at all times.

If these issues will not affect you, then we promise that you can’t go wrong with the addition of floor to ceiling windows in your home. Nothing can beat the effortless elegance and invaluable abundance of natural light like a floor to ceiling window.

If you’re interested in installing floor to ceiling windows for your home, contact the A-tech Australia team today. We know how intimidating the entire process can be, and promise to work with you to find a window solution that meets your needs.