Why Does Your Office in the City Need a Commercial Aluminium Sliding Door?

22 Jun 2021

Commercial aluminium sliding doors are often used in grocery stores and banks, however, did you know that they’re perfect for an office? Offices in the city of Sydney tend to be on the small side. This lack of space is common in cities around the world, however, it can make working and impressing clients much more difficult.

Cramped and small offices are hard to move out of when the cost of rent in Sydney surpasses the budgets of many businesses. Even if your office isn’t low on space, the goal of any effective office design should be to maximise space, minimise clutter and improve function. Effectively designed and spacious offices are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they come with several benefits, including the following:

  • Happier employees which lead to increased productivity.
  • Reduced stress levels and a positive work environment.
  • More organised space.
  • Higher likelihood of attracting/impressing clients.

How is A-Tech Australia’s commercial aluminium sliding door different from other doors?

Before elaborating on the reasons why a commercial aluminium sliding door is right for offices in the city, let’s distinguish them from other commonly used commercial doors.

Commercial aluminium sliding doors are large doors with glass screens and aluminium framing which opens horizontally by sliding, usually parallel to a wall. Many doors installed in commercial buildings and commercial offices swing open (opposed to sliding horizontally) and are not made with glass screens. Instead, they are made with slabs of timber, aluminium or steel and are not transparent like the commercial aluminium sliding doors supplied by A-Tech Australia.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few more benefits of A-Tech Australia’s commercial sliding aluminium doors by analysing how they can improve your city office.

4 reasons why A-Tech Australia’s commercial sliding doors can benefit your office in Sydney

  1. Improve the natural light throughout your office

    Regardless of the size of your space, any office can benefit from natural light. Natural light illuminates dark corners of spaces, boosts vitamin D, wards off the seasonal depression that usually appears during winter and increases the productivity levels of employees.

    With commercial sliding doors, the large glass screens allow streams of natural light to penetrate the entire office, instead of being interrupted by a large timber or steel door. Additionally, the reflectivity of the glass screen allows for natural light to bounce off of it and illuminate the entire space.

  2. Maximise space

    In small offices, the tiniest detail can make a dramatic difference. The configuration of a swinging door causes it to swing outwards when open. In addition to having to awkwardly move for the door to swing open, the door itself does not remain neatly flat on the wall because of its door handle/knob. While it may only be millimetres of space being taken up, it makes a difference in a tiny office.

    A sliding door horizontally slides parallel to the wall, taking up the least amount of space possible. There’s no inconvenience of dealing with a door slightly swinging on its hinges when open, instead, you’re left with a clear opening.

  3. Facilitate privacy without compromising fluidity

    Depending on the nature of your businesses, offices often need rooms that can be both private and collaborative with the rest of the office space. The best way to achieve this is through a commercial sliding door.

    A commercial sliding door can open wide enough to merge spaces and create fluidity between rooms. It also can easily close and create a private space for meetings and discussions while also maintaining the illusion that the company’s space is open and free-flowing.

  4. Provide security

    Offices often contain valuable items and documents. For this reason, doors that can provide the utmost security against both criminal and weather elements are necessary. The aluminium used by A-Tech Australia is incredibly durable, and weather and corrosion-resistant, ensuring that it will never deteriorate and unknowingly put your office in danger. While lightweight, aluminium is also unassumingly strong and will be able to withstand high impacts or a forced entry from a burglar. It also protects against some of the most common methods that criminals use to burglarise a home such as knife-jamming and forceful prying open of a door.

You can rest assured that your office will be secure with an aluminium door. This point is not unique to commercial sliding doors and applies to all of A-Tech Australia’s products.

These are just a few reasons why we believe that our commercial sliding aluminium doors are best suited for offices in Sydney. Our team understands that every office is different and may require modifications or completely customised products for their office. Contact our team for more details on how we can accommodate your office’s specifications.

Whenever you decide to invest in A-Tech Australia’s commercial sliding doors, rest assured knowing that you’ll be improving the comfort, functionality and aesthetic of your property. For more product specifications or inquiries surrounding our commercial sliding aluminium doors or any other products, have a chat with our team today.