Why Do Construction Companies Prefer Aluminium Windows?

04 Aug 2020

It is well-known within the construction industry that aluminium windows are one of the best products with which to work. Labourers, project managers and construction companies love recommending aluminium windows to their clients. Construction companies’ most important clients are businesses with commercial buildings who greatly value a durable and cost-effective option. Standing the test of time is key to a business owner’s happiness which is why construction companies prefer aluminium windows.

Aluminium windows have a variety of benefits that make them an attractive option for construction companies. Think about it, what would cause a construction company to favour a product? Any product that is strong, durable and high in quality reflects favourably on the construction company, which in turn will earn them reliability and a strong reputation in the industry.

In this article, we’ll dive a little deeper into what makes aluminium windows a great product and popular among construction companies. From this investigation, you’ll be able to understand a bit more about why it’s so highly recommended and why you should add it to your building in the future.

5 reasons why aluminium windows are popular with construction companies

Durability allows for a long-term solution

Aluminium is a highly durable material, lasting for years structurally and cosmetically. Common Aussie weather elements such as high winds, hot temperatures and rainy days usually wreak havoc on other materials commonly used for windows, such as timber and steel. These materials can rust, split and generally, appear worn out after a few bad seasons. However, aluminium is able to withstand all of these elements and require very little maintenance. It won’t rust nor would it split or get damaged easily. Why is this attractive for a contractor? There’s little chance that a client will complain about the great performance of a product. Instead, the construction company is more likely to strengthen its reputation and client relationship.

For this reason, aluminium also makes a great material for doors. Doors play a large role in the security and cosmetic appearance of a building and thus, its durability is extremely important.

Affordable making it a cost-effective option for clients

The affordability of a product is always important for both clients and contractors because it determines

  1. if the client can actually budget for the product and
  2. the expectation of the client.

If the product is extremely expensive and the client stretched his/her budget thin in order to be able to afford it, then it is inevitable that the client’s expectations will be extremely high. An affordable product like aluminium windows is able to ‘wow’ a client a lot easier than an expensive one, especially if it is of the quality of A-Tech Australia’s aluminium windows.  Lastly, construction companies rather use aluminium windows because their affordability makes them more attractive to clients and allows for flexibility with their costs.

Easily customised according to clients

Clients, especially residential clients, are notorious for wanting elaborate designs and endless customisation. This is why construction companies flock to aluminium windows. The material itself is extremely flexible, allowing for more intricate designs. Additionally, the frames of aluminium windows can be colour customised according to the client’s wishes. Though an added cost, it’s not very expensive to achieve this.

This makes the life of a construction company easier because it allows them to accommodate client requests more, leading them to better feedback and overall reputation within the industry.

Recyclable materials are a common request for eco-conscious clients

As the eco-consciousness grows within Australia, more and more businesses and homes are requesting the use of sustainable materials. Aluminium is the most recyclable material and is the most abundant element in the earth’s crust. What does this mean? The material can be used without harming important reserves or without requiring the mining of bauxite which is extremely harmful to the earth (it also uses 95% more energy than aluminium to be created). The majority of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today!

Secure options are a high priority for clients

Security in one’s home or business is a growing concern for persons across the world. Security can mean two things: safety from criminal elements or safety from weak elements (such as faulty windows). For businesses and homes, financial loss and harm to loved ones are possible consequences of unsecured homes and businesses. Aluminium is extremely strong and will require significant force from an intruder in order to be broken into.

Contractors understand the value of aluminium’s strength and how important it is for the security of a home.  Additionally, the durability of aluminium means that it won’t unknowingly deteriorate and pose as a security threat to your home.

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