Why aluminium sliding doors are perfect for Sydney

01 Jun 2020

Are you in the market for a new set of doors for your residential or commercial property in Sydney? If you are, we recommend that you set your sights on aluminium sliding doors. Aluminium sliding doors have quickly become one of the most popular options for homes in Sydney because of its practical features.

Choosing a new set of doors for your home or business can be exciting. After all, your choice can impact your project’s overall feasibility, design and functionality for years to come. Unlike many other options on the market, aluminium doors can uniquely cater to the lifestyle and weather of a Sydney-sider. When selecting doors for your property, it’s important to not only think of aesthetic but also, functionality–a feature we believe aluminium sliding doors can provide superbly for Sydney-siders.

Here are some questions you should ask when selecting any kind of door for your home in Sydney:

  • Is it heat-resistant?
  • Is it a long-term investment?
  • Can I easily maintain it?
  • Does it fit the uses I require it for?

You’ll quickly find that these questions will lead you to aluminium sliding doors, the most versatile doors in Sydney. Here are some of the reasons why we believe aluminium sliding doors are the perfect choice for any Sydney-sider.

Resistant against Sydney weather

Aluminium frames are among the most weather-resistant materials. Living in Sydney requires that any materials used on the exterior of your home be resistant to common weather elements like high heat, strong winds and rain. Selecting aluminium sliding doors will guarantee that you see a return on your investment by not having to replace your doors due to weather conditions. Aluminium is structurally strong and will stand its own against powerful winds. It also weathers rain and salinity extremely well and without rust, making it perfect for homes near the beach. Aluminium also does not crack in the face of prolonged periods of sunlight and heat, preventing damage and preserving a new appearance.

Low-maintenance for busybodies

Partly due to its weather-resistant and durable nature, aluminium doors are an extremely low-maintenance feature to add to your home or business. Sydney is home to many professionals who do not have the time for high-maintenance fixtures, making the hassle-free aluminium sliding doors a brilliant option for many. We recommend a gentle monthly clean with warm water and a cloth—it’s as simple as that. If you think that where you live makes your doors subject to more dirt, then wash the exterior with a hose and bucket filled with soapy water and finish with a commercial cleaner for a more vigorous cleaning method.

Brilliant thermal performance for cost-savvy owners

Aluminium offers fantastic insulation, unlike many other materials which may allow cool or hot air (depending on the season) to escape, causing your radiator or air conditioning system to work harder, use more energy and cost you more money. Sydney can get very hot and quite cool, so when the time comes to use either cooling or heating systems you’ll want to ensure that none of your energy is wasted.

Space maximiser for small Sydney apartments

Many options for doors on the market can take up a lot of space. For example, stacked or swinging doors have to occupy space in order for it to be open. While it is usually quite a small amount of space, in a tiny apartment or room, this can make a huge difference. In Sydney, where apartments are on every corner, it is best that aluminium sliding doors are installed. This is because the doors slide into each other, removing the need for additional space to be occupied. Additionally, glass window screens that are present in aluminium sliding doors allow you to take advantage of Sydney’s beautiful weather. You’ll be able to let the sunlight which also has an effect on how large a room or apartment may appear.

Amazing airflow and circulation

Aluminium sliding doors, unlike other conventional options on the market, allow for optimal airflow and circulation. Sliding doors are basically one very large and wide door. This is a lot more effective at allowing air into your apartment versus a narrow swinging door or a few open windows which will not give you optimal circulation. With a sliding door, the open space is large enough to allow you to take advantage of large gusts of breeze, improving your air quality and smell–a big advantage during hot summers.

If you still have questions or you’re interested in purchasing aluminium doors and need some guidance, then have a chat with our team today, call 1300 775 525. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.