Why aluminium is the material of choice for your entry doors in your Sydney home

31 Mar 2020

First impressions last. Which means selecting the right door for your entryway needs to be carefully considered. Your entry door sets the tone for your whole home and should make a stance on the overall style and architecture of the rest of your home design. Not only should your front door be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be secure, highly durable and energy-efficient. It is the main focus of the house, therefore needs to have a moment to shine.

‘Design is a balance between form and function … it takes two” – Seesaw

With such a visible and critical home feature, it is not surprising that a lot of care and attention is used when selecting the perfect entrance door. We understand how exciting and stressful building a new home is, but trust us, you are going to want to make the right choice for this one. 

We’ve compiled a guide to make the process that little bit easier, to ensure you find the perfect aluminium entry door for your Sydney home.

Aluminium entrance doors should make an IMPRESSION

The entrance door installed in your property should be all about making a lasting impression. The first step is to consider the style you want to achieve – whether this is a sleek modern aesthetic or a more traditional look. You should ensure it matches the style of the rest of your home. The bigger the better? Is this the case? The fashion for oversized doors is back and people are choosing dramatic large doors for their entryway. The colour or finishing of your door will also make a major impact on the design. The colour palette of your home’s exterior should complement the rest of your home. Determine whether you want a simple shade of black, or whether you want a pop of colour.

Aluminium entrance doors should be SAFE and SECURE

The safety and security of your property should be one of the most important considerations when selecting an entrance door. High-quality aluminium entry doors are designed to resist impact and retain strength under harsh conditions. After selecting the design and layout of your entry door, you must ensure you have the maximum security for your family and home. You can do this by choosing a high-quality anti-intrusion lock and hinge. Several security sliding doors offer triple locks for added security and are made from durable materials that can resist any impact.

Aluminium entrance doors should be ENERGY EFFICIENT

The doors within your home play a pivotal role in heat loss and gain. A lot of the heat loss in your home during the winter and heat gain during the summer can come from your doors. Do you want to improve the energy efficiency of your home? You can start by installing aluminium doors for the entrance of your Sydney home. Aluminium is a great choice as they are light, strong and require little maintenance – and with the right glass and seals, they are sure to boost the energy efficiency rating of your home.

“Energy costs are getting higher, and the cheapest energy is the energy you don’t use” – Paul Pettipas (Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association)

Overall benefits of aluminium entrance doors for your Sydney home

Let us delve into the benefits of the material aluminium itself. Choosing aluminium framing over other materials can bring forward a range of benefits for your project. Aluminium doors have gained popularity because they are stylish, durable, easy to use, low maintenance and affordable.

The reality is, once you install your entry door for your Sydney home, it is most likely going to stay that way for many years. Doors are not something you can easily replace yearly. This is why you should ensure the door you select is durable and timeless. Aluminium doors are long-lasting and resistant to outdoor elements. This makes them less likely to wort and rot, making them the perfect choice for your entrance door!

Aluminium frames also require very little maintenance in comparison to other materials. All you have to do is occasionally wipe them down to remove the build-up of dust and dirt. One less thing to worry about.

We think aluminium doors are perfect for any home! They tick all the boxes. At A-Tech Australia, our aluminium doors are long-lasting secure and functional. They are also available in a great range of colours, styles and configurations – spoiling you with a choice.

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