Where Should You Install Your Aluminium Stacker Windows?

30 Jul 2021

Aluminium stacker windows are excellent additions to homes, whether you own a tiny apartment or a massive mansion. The placement of aluminium stacker windows is not something that many homeowners think too deeply about, however, any one of our A-tech Window Specialists would advise you that the location of installation can improve the functionality of the windows.

Windows are viewed as an aesthetic addition to a home and often chosen that way as well. When it comes to your home, almost every element you add can be functionally optimised and should be chosen according to what you think will make your home more comfortable. Aluminium stacker windows are no different.

Aluminium stacker windows shine where their durable frames and wide glass screens can perform. To help you decide where you can get the most out of your windows, we’ve developed tips that incorporate the characteristics of your home so that you can benefit optimally from this configuration.

5 tips to help you decide where you should install your aluminium stacker windows

  1. Select rooms with a view of your natural landscape

    The beauty of stacker windows is that it allows you to take advantage of viewing whatever surrounds your home. Whether it be a gorgeous view of the ocean or a blooming garden, we recommend that you install your windows in a room and at an angle that has the best line of sight of your surroundings.

    Aluminium stacker windows provide uninterrupted views, making them perfect for homeowners interested in framing their surroundings and using them as a key element of their interior design.

  2. Choose areas that connect to your outdoor living space

    Alfresco dining areas and outdoor kitchens are becoming incredibly popular in Australian homes. Both are great features for people who love entertaining. We usually recommend that homeowners install aluminium stacking doors to connect their outdoor and indoor living areas, however, that isn’t always possible in your home’s design.

    If it isn’t possible in your home, you can still stay connected to your outdoor living area with aluminium stacker windows. They will allow you to remain connected with events happening outdoors and can even help improve the movement of food, drinks and other items through the window.

  3. Pick highly trafficked living areas

    Your living room, kitchen and dining room are all areas where people frequent. Without sufficient air ventilation, these rooms can become stuffy and uncomfortable. With aluminium stacker windows, you can open up the atmosphere of these rooms by promoting air circulation and natural light. Each will make a big impact on the overall comfort of your room and improve its perceived spaciousness.

  4. Install in rooms with high humidity

    Rooms with high humidity such as the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room often become very moist and dirty during the winter because of mould growth. One of the best deterrents for mould growth is air ventilation. Air ventilation cycles in old air and replaces it with new and clean air.

    Stacker windows are excellent for circulating air, particularly because they can open wide with minimal obstruction. High humidity areas are not limited to the rooms mentioned above. If your home suffers from mould growth or becomes stuffy and uncomfortable, try installing a stacker window to promote air circulation.

  5. Determine which spaces are frequented by pets and children

    Pets and children are often the most vulnerable members of a family when it comes to the risks of a wide-open door or low open window. If you have areas of your home which are frequented by your pets or children and you worry for their safety, then we recommend installing aluminium stacker windows.

    Aluminium stacker windows provide an excellent compromise between ensuring that your children and pets are safe while also facilitating the flow of air and natural light in your home. They can be installed much higher than any window, so that it is out of reach of pets and children, thereby preventing any accidents.

How do I know if aluminium stacker windows are right for me?

We know that every person’s home and lifestyle are unique. If you’re still on the fence about aluminium stacker doors then ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to most of them, then you will be extremely satisfied with aluminium stacker windows.

  • Am I in search of long-term investment?

  • Do I need my windows to provide an extra layer of security?

  • Is energy efficiency a priority?

Investing in any type of window is a major decision. If you’re not quite ready to commit and think you need more information, our team will be glad to walk you through your choice.

Whenever you decide to invest in A-tech Australia’s aluminium stacker windows, rest assured that you’ll be improving the aesthetic and comfort of your property. For more product specifications or inquiries surrounding our windows or any other products, have a chat with our team today.