What Modifications Can You Make to Reduce Noise in Your Home

22 Sep 2020

Living in a noisy and lively neighbourhood can be both good and bad. While you’re always near a good time, the noise can be disruptive for sleeping, especially if you have little kids. Noise, whether it be from cars, parties or unassuming passers-by can turn a peaceful sleep into a night of misery. This is why many people, especially in bustling Sydney, look for ways to reduce noise in their home.

There are many ways to reduce noise in your home. However, starting with the entryways for noise into your home is a good place to start. Your windows and doors are the gateways to noise and, on the flip side, to peace. But, what modifications can you make to reduce noise in your home? Well, for starters, aluminium windows! A-Tech Australia’s aluminium windows and doors are great for sealing noise out of your home. However, there are other modifications and improvements you can make to your windows or doors. Let’s take a look.

How can you reduce noise in your home?

Use aluminium windows and doors!

At A-Tech Australia, we have a variety of aluminium windows and doors that would be perfect for reducing noise in your home. Our products are constructed with heavy-duty framing ensuring that there is a solid barrier between your home and your environment’s noise. Aluminium is also an absorptive sound barrier, allowing you to take full advantage of its function as well as durability. Choose from A-Tech Australia’s sliding windows and doors, as they are best designed for noise reduction.

Check seals and gaps

Over time, windows and doors may develop cracks in their seals. It may be surprising but, even the tiniest crack can cause noise to penetrate your home. With some windows, you may also notice a significant gap between its borders. These are usually larger than cracks and will undoubtedly have an impact on the noise penetration in your home. Use an acoustic caulk to fill in any gaps or cracks and to ensure that your home is completely blocked out.

Double-glazed windows

Double-glazed windows are basically two window panes or sheets of glass instead of one. These layers of glass will trap sound waves between the panes, allowing the noise to dissipate before reaching the first layer of glass on the inside of your home. It is safe to say that double-glazed windows are more effective than single pane at reducing noise. With all windows, A-Tech Australia offers the double-glazing option.

Thick curtains

Along with acoustic caulk, this is one of the more affordable options. Thick soundproof curtains are extremely helpful at reducing noise, but it does not block it out completely. However, it’s an excellent method to incorporate acoustic caulk; together, they will be extremely effective at reducing the overall noise in your home. Bear in mind that this will only be effective when you have the curtains closed, and will not be effective during the daytime.

Who are these modifications best suited for?

We understand that modifications cost money, and while A-Tech Australia provides high-quality products for a competitive price, it may not be a priority for everyone. So, we recommend aluminium windows and doors especially if your household has the following:

  • Elderly persons
  • Babies
  • Pets (dogs are very sensitive to loud noises)

Additionally, if you live around the following, we recommend our aluminium windows and doors:

  • Near a busy street
  • Near construction zones
  • Close to nightlife 
  • Near an airport or train station

For more information or design inspiration surrounding aluminium windows or any of our other products, have a chat with our team today. Call 1300 775 525 for guidance regarding our products and any other questions that you may have. Our employees will be more than happy to offer advice and tips on selecting the product that’s right for you and your home or business.