What Areas of Your Home are Best Suited for Aluminium Hinged Doors?

20 Jul 2021

Aluminium doors are suitable for almost any area of your home. However, the benefits of some doors can be more readily enjoyed if they are installed in areas complementary to their features. Strategic placement of aluminium hinged doors can increase the functionality of your home and the comfort of its residents.

What kind of aluminium hinged doors does our company manufacture?

Aluminium hinged doors are doors with glass screens and aluminium frames. Each panel is hinged at one opposite side, allowing the door to open like a conventional swinging door.

At A-tech Australia, we offer aluminium hinged doors in both single and double configurations. Our double configuration is what most people refer to as ‘French doors’; it’s an elegant option for many homes.

What are the benefits of aluminium hinged doors?

Before we dive into where aluminium hinged doors should be installed, let’s first help you understand the benefits. These advantages will provide insight into the reasoning behind our top 4 places to have aluminium hinged doors installed.

  • Low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant frames
  • Elegant and timeless aesthetic
  • Secure and durable

Now that we’ve fully explained the configuration and benefits of an aluminium hinged door, we’ll now outline what the best areas are to install them in a home. For this list, we’ve taken into account both aesthetic and functional features of the door.

4 areas of your home are best suited for aluminium hinged doors

  1. Bedroom terraces

    Bedroom terraces are a great feature; they provide an area for relaxation and add a beautiful element to the facade of your home. To keep the aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom terrace, you have to install a door that maximises its space and complements its appearance.

    An aluminium hinged door with two panels is an excellent option. Our hinged doors are perfect for balconies because they can be installed in locations with limited space and do not detract from the enjoyment of your terrace. Additionally, our doors are low-maintenance and corrosion-resistant, making them an excellent choice for the exterior of your balcony which will often face rainfall and intense sunshine. Your balcony is a prominent feature, we promise that the durability of our door will remain strong and prevent any disturbance to your home’s appearance.

  2. Small openings

    As aluminium doors are on hinges, it is possible to install them in tiny rooms that require privacy or that need to be sectioned off. Laundry rooms, pantries and even powder rooms can be closed off with an aluminium hinged door. It’s a great way for blocking off a room that you don’t want to be seen by guests and facilitates efficient use of your space.

    If you’re interested in using our aluminium hinged doors for your laundry room or any other high-moisture area, then you’ll be glad to know that our frames are corrosion-resistant, ensuring that they won’t deteriorate over time.

  3. Front doors

    The profile of our aluminium hinged doors is timeless and likely to match or enhance any home’s facade. You can choose from a single or double configuration, depending on the functionality you’re after and the aesthetic of your home.

    With our aluminium hinged doors, you don’t only receive a beautiful product, but a durable and secure one as well. Our aluminium is incredibly strong and will remain robust in the face of criminal elements – a key feature for any front door. Additionally, front doors, like most elements on the exterior, have to withstand Australian weather conditions. As mentioned before, our products are resistant to the weather, ensuring that their aesthetic profile and strength is upheld at all times.

  4. Granny flats

    While a granny flat can contain almost every area mentioned above, it’s worth noting that aluminium hinged doors are perfect for any part of a granny flat. Granny flats are small and often require elements that maximise the use of their space.

    An aluminium hinged door does not require a lot of space and still performs extremely well. Its timeless aesthetic is only bolstered by its ability to allow natural light into the granny flat which ultimately, makes the entire space appear much larger.

    If you own a granny flat and are interested in maximising its space or allowing it to appear bigger, then aluminium hinged windows are right for you.

Whenever you decide to invest in A-tech Australia’s aluminium hinged doors, rest assured that our team will be by your side to help you through the order and installation process. For more product specifications or inquiries surrounding our aluminium hinged doors or any other products, have a chat with our team today.