What are the Advantages of Aluminium Sliding Doors?

05 Aug 2021

Aluminium sliding doors are one of our most popular products because they have several advantages for both commercial and residential properties. Though there are a number of door configurations available from our business and on the market, homeowners and business owners seem to gravitate towards aluminium sliding doors, making it an in-demand product at A-tech Australia.

A-Tech Australia’s team carefully designs our aluminium sliding doors

Sliding doors are a popular product in general. If you look around your local community, you are bound to find more than a few businesses and homes that have sliding doors installed. At our company, we manufacture, develop and design all of our products, which gave us ultimate control over the sliding door that we wanted to offer to the market.

We knew that sliding doors were in demand, however, we wanted to offer a more robust and reliable product. To do that, we sourced high-quality glass screens and manufactured reliable aluminium frames and hardware for our doors. Together, these materials created an aluminium sliding door that could rival any other product on the market.

4 advantages of aluminium sliding doors

  1. Incorporates nature into your home

    Our sliding doors have narrow frames and a large glass screen. Whether opened or closed, it easily incorporates your external environment in your home.

    When opened, you can combine the outdoors with your indoor space, creating one much larger area that includes the open and fresh atmosphere of the outdoors. When closed, you can still appreciate your environment through the large glass screens. It’s a great way of framing your view and appreciating it even when the weather is poor.

  2. Provides energy efficiency

    Energy-efficient homes are becoming increasingly popular as the eco-consciousness of the world improves. As our aluminium sliding doors have large glass screens, they allow a lot of natural light to filter into your home. This means that during the day, you don’t need to use energy to power your artificial lights, saving both energy as well as money because you’ll end up with a reduced utility bill. You can also open your sliding doors to allow natural air into your home. This cools your home and reduces the need for air conditioning systems.

  3. Allows easy access to the outdoors

    If you own a retail store, entertain a lot or have kids who love being outside, then you are likely to benefit from this feature of sliding doors. As sliding doors have a wide frame, they can open wide as well. In fact, sliding doors open so wide that they can combine the interior of a property with its external environment.

    This wide opening allows easy access to the outdoors which is great for accommodating high traffic in retail stores or for homeowners who entertain frequently. We often recommend this option for most businesses including restaurants, groceries and office buildings.

  4. Wears well over time

    A major advantage for most of our products is that it wears extremely well over time, even in high-traffic areas. The aluminium we use for our frames and hardware is corrosion- and weather-resistant, meaning that natural elements like rain, harsh winds and high temperatures will not deteriorate the product. Expect this product to perform well both in functionality and aesthetics. We guarantee that our aluminium sliding doors will prove to be an excellent investment for your home or business.

How do we promise a reliable aluminium sliding door?

After listing all of the advantages of our very own product, most clients wonder how we can guarantee such a highlight product. In addition to our robust quality assurance procedures, we also ensure high-quality products because:

  • We are proudly Australian – All of our products are manufactured, designed and developed right here in Australia.

  • We have an amazing team – Collectively, our team has years of industry experience and in-depth knowledge about aluminium.

  • We offer comprehensive service – Offering amazing products is just one half of the job. We ensure that aluminium sliding doors are right for your lifestyle and offer professional installation.

  • We provide a generous warranty – Our products are manufactured to last, however, we know that there may be exceptions at times. We always want our clients to be happy and therefore, we offer a guaranteed 7 year workmanship warranty and a comprehensive warranty on our aluminium frames, glass screens and powder coat products.

Are you ready to install your aluminium sliding door?

We hope that the advantages above helped to cement your choice of aluminium sliding doors. If you’d like to find out how to request a quote, or for more product specifications or inquiries surrounding any other products, have a chat with our team today.