Unique Ways to Incorporate Sliding Windows in Your Home: The Installation Process

21 Feb 2020

Transform your residential living space with sliding windows! Did you know you can install these windows in more areas than one?

Sliding windows are commonly used in areas such as living rooms and bathrooms. It’s 2020 – which means it is time to try something different. There are many unique installation methods for aluminium sliding windows. These windows can be used in numerous creative ways to add functionality, aesthetic and flair to your residential space.

Sliding windows defined

Sliding windows have sashes which slide side-side offering several benefits. They are the best ‘all-purpose’ window and have pleasant design features. These windows are easy to use, offer energy efficiency and can be a great additional feature to add value to your space.

Sliding windows offer a number of benefits and can be used in many different areas within your home. Why should you install sliding windows in your residential space in Sydney?

  • Low maintenance and durable: the composition of sliding windows include very few components hence making them low maintenance. They are also extremely durable and withstand tough weather conditions

  • Easy to use: sliding windows are one of the easiest types of windows to use. All you have to do is slide the window and unlock the latch open to operate it

  • Functional: sliding windows can be opened up as little or as far as you like. You can also control the amount of fresh air you would like to enter the space.

  • Economical: a cost-effective option that will last you a lifetime


Non-conventional ways to install sliding windows in your residential space in Sydney


Sliding windows offer a seamless and sleek design and are available in a range of sliding combinations and finishes. We are going to present to you some unique ways these windows can be installed.

  • Serving window (kitchen): sliding windows can be installed in the kitchen area and used to combine the indoor and outdoor areas. This not only offers convenience but adds a seamless flow between the two areas. Incorporating sliding windows in the kitchen area makes entertaining much easier, as it is a perfect way to pass food and drinks to the alfresco/outdoor dining area without having to transition between the two spaces. This option is also great to consider if you have a pool area, making it a great way to limit guests from coming inside the house for food and drink. In this case, the sliding window is used as a serving window and opening, allowing residents to have a seamless connection between the two areas.

  • Ensuite connecting window: another unique way to install sliding windows is to utilise them as a connecting window between your ensuite and bedroom area. This can provide you with the ultimate comfort and convenience. Imagine being able to view your bedroom television from your bath and catch up on your latest Netflix shows while soaking up a warm, scented bubble bath. Connecting sliding windows can also open up your bathroom and bedroom space, increasing the amount of light between the two areas.

  • Doggy door: have you ever thought about making your doggy door a stand out feature. Although it may sound absurd, you can use sliding windows for your dog! This provides a stylish entrance for your pet into the home. Not only is it beneficial for them, but it also adds elegance to the outer space of your home. These sliding doors can also be locked up at night to keep out any nasty pests.

Whether you are building a new home or looking at uplifting your space, you may want to consider some of these unique installation methods. Transform your residential space in Sydney with sliding windows!

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