The Importance of Investing in Premium Aluminium Sliding Doors

13 Jun 2022

Many homeowners underestimate the importance of premium quality when it comes to doors. Apart from aesthetics, all doors must be practical and provide security for your home. All three of these characteristics can be fulfilled with A-Tech Australia’s incredibly vast product range of aluminium door options, including sliding screen doors.

But with an abundance of different doors on the market, it can be tricky to choose the one that works for you. Here at A-Tech Australia, we know quality and are confident that our aluminium sliding doors are the perfect fit for your next project.

What exactly are aluminium sliding doors?

Lightweight, practical and stylish to boot, aluminium sliding screen doors are the modern answer to secure and aesthetic front or patio doors. Whether you’re building your dream home from scratch or renovating to your heart’s content, aluminium sliding doors offer a flexible and stylish way to keep your home secure, safe and private.

They’re practical

Boasting an understated design that let in a great deal of natural light, aluminium sliding screen doors are as practical as doors come. Blending the indoors seamlessly with the outdoors, aluminium sliding doors open up the space inside your house and let the fresh air in without a hitch.

Offering a simple, practical way to embed glass sliding doors into your dream home, aluminium sliding screen doors are perfect for no-frills day-to-day access. Perfect for any average Australian home, these sliding doors should be at the top of your list when choosing what kind of doors to opt for.

They’re stylish

If there’s one thing we love aluminium for, aside from its functionality and strength, it is its style. Attractive in a wide range of environments and settings, aluminium sliding screen doors are completely minimalist and allow the other aspects of your home to shine through. Offering an ultra-modern style that boosts your home’s light, space, and atmosphere, aluminium sliding screen doors allow your decor to do its thing without taking up too much space.

A seamless and perfect backdrop for nature to thrive, aluminium sliding screen doors are an ideal way to connect the inside of your home to your verandah, garden or patio. The modern Australian home can’t beat the combination of glass panelling and minimalist design!

They’re affordable

Whatever style you’re opting for in your dream home, there’s nothing better than finding features that sit safely within your budget. Compared to other high-falutin door designs such as ornate French doors, aluminium sliding screen doors are incredibly affordable for how much they add to a space.

They’re high-quality

Quality material and functionality are essential for doors, so you can’t go past aluminium sliding screen doors. Perfect for homes with pets and children, the mechanics of aluminium sliding doors are naturally snag-free and hard-wearing, making them suitable for families of all shapes and sizes.

Another bonus for aluminium sliding screen doors is that they offer complete weather protection, so you can rest easy knowing your home will stay dry, safe and secure during any weather.

Where can aluminium sliding doors be used?

Perfect for bringing the outdoors in and vice-versa, aluminium sliding doors connect any living space, ensuring a seamless integration for functionality and practicality in the home. Some of our favourite ways to use aluminium screen doors are:

  • Between the indoors and your front deck
  • Between the indoors and a back patio or verandah
  • As pool access
  • As garden access
  • To access outdoor dining spaces
  • To access courtyards 

Aluminium sliding screen doors also work well indoors between interior spaces, making for an easy way to separate and open up spaces whenever you need. 

A-Tech Australia is proud to be one of the nation’s largest aluminium manufacturers, so if you’re looking to talk through the benefits of aluminium sliding screen doors, our position as an industry leader means we have the know-how.

From indoor settings to garden access to anything in between, A-Tech Australia is proud to have designed, manufactured, and installed cutting-edge and functional aluminium products for residential and commercial projects all across Australia.

Looking to discuss your options, get a quote or make an enquiry? Contact our friendly team here at A-Tech Australia today to find out more!