Stacker doors: Are they the solution to your Sydney project?

25 Feb 2020

Stacker doors. Not only are they eye-catching, but they truly do serve a functional purpose creating open spaces, allowing you to make the most out of your views. Many people overlook the wonderful features of incorporating stacker doors to their Sydney home. These doors have recently become extremely popular due to their versatility in design and amazing benefits.

What are aluminium stacker doors?

Stacker doors consist of different panels sliding and stacking on top of each other. They manoeuver with one panel that slides past the next then interlocks and continues sliding to the opposite side of the track, towards a fixed console – collecting each other panel until they reach the end.

Stacker doors are extremely versatile as you can choose to include a multiple of three to six doors, depending on your surrounding space and needs. They have been a popular choice for many Sydney homeowners, especially in outdoor areas such as alfresco or patios – allowing homeowners to effectively utilise their entertaining area.

Not only are these beautifully designed and manufactured doors fit for a home environment but they can also be incorporated in retail/commercial spaces. Stacker doors create ample space between outdoor and indoor living areas as they operate using two panels that slide behind a single fixed pane. They are an effective solution to save space – especially in homes, restaurants or office spaces that are often limited with their space.

Before you decide to install these doors for your residential or commercial project in Sydney, here are some things you may want to consider.

Aluminium stacker doors: price

Just like anything you purchase, the price of a stacker door will differ depending on the design you end up choosing. Usually, custom made stacker doors are more expensive than ones that are already pre-designed. The price of the stacker door you choose will also vary depending on the finish, colour and whether or not you want to incorporate a security system. These additions will need to be accounted for before you make your decision.

Need help making a choice that will fit within your budget? Our professional team at A-Tech Australia will be able to assist you in finding a solution that will meet your needs. We offer installation of quality stacker doors that come with heavy-duty framing, superior weather sealing and smooth movement controls.

Can stacker doors have screens?

Stacker doors can be fitted and designed with insect/security screens. Keep the nasties out and the fresh air flowing with stacker doors. The benefit of these doors is that you can choose a system that is customisable for your project. Some options include:

  • Fully weather sealed doors
  • Key locking for security
  • Custom colour options
  • Glass options 
  • Custom configurations 

What areas can I install stacker doors?

Stacker doors are perfect for rooms with limited space. They also offer an abundance of natural light and convenient access between two different areas. In saying that, these doors can be installed just about anywhere – as long as there is an open space.

Stacker doors can also be used as a room divider – a unique and innovative way to separate two different areas. For example, many homeowners like to install stacker doors between their living and dining areas. This allows them to close off or open up the areas as they please.

Depending on your needs, stacker doors can be up to 1.5m wide per panel and you can have three to six panels installed. This can cover an area of up to 6.5m wide. Creating seamless integration between two areas of your home/commercial area, stacker doors are a great option to consider when planning for your new project/renovation.

What are the advantages of installing a stacker door?

  • Stacker doors allow you to have more space to move when they are open. Unlike standard open/close doors they do not take up excess room

  • They allow homeowners to control the temperature of the room by opening/closing the panels as they please

  • Stacker doors are also great as they control the amount of natural light which is present in the room

  • Stacker doors can also be kept open throughout any time of the day without creating a barrier – allowing easy movement between two areas of your residential/commercial space.

Available in a wide range of materials and custom designs, stacker doors can transform your residential or commercial space in Sydney.

At A-Tech Australia, our stacker doors are designed to deliver open views, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor entertaining, living or working. Our aluminium stacker doors also include a secure locking mechanism and varied glazing options.

Do you want more information about stacker doors or are you ready to have them installed in your space? Whatever you need, our team is ready to work with you.

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