Optimise Your Space Simply by Adding Aluminium Sliding Windows for Your Balcony

27 Aug 2019

Styling any room in a house or apartment requires you to examine the area you have to work with. This will affect the colour scheme you should go for, as well as a particular selection of furniture to choose from.

No matter the size of the apartment or house, each room should flow equally to the rest of the home and as a rule of thumb, less is more.

Less clutter will accentuate the size of any given space, particularly smaller rooms which will look a lot bigger than they actually are.

The type of window used in different areas of the home will also depend on the size of the room as well as indoor and outdoor climate.

Different windows are used in different rooms of the house to suit the amount of light and privacy homeowners wish to incorporate.

At A-Tech Australia, we specialise in creating custom made aluminium windows to suit the flow and style of various houses, apartments and commercial spaces no matter the size.

Some tips to keep your spaces feeling as roomy as possible using sliding windows for  your balcony:

  • Sliding windows

    Aluminium sliding windows are an efficient, space-saving style of window, that can be installed with a fixed panel of glass at the bottom which can enhance the look of the window by increasing the glass surface area.

    For added protection, sliding windows can be installed with the added fly screens, allowing you to leave the window open during the day or night for ventilation without the risk of insects entering the room.

    Sliding windows on a balcony are particularly useful, as they are a safer option because you have the choice to keep the windows open as opposed to having to leave the balcony open and risk more exposure.

  • Light colours

    For smaller rooms or commercial spaces, opting for a lighter colour scheme will help in making the area feel roomier and give the illusion of it looking bigger.

    This applies to both furniture as well as painted walls in the room, medium colours take away from the area whereas bright whites tend to open up the area a lot more.

    If you want to avoid a completely white room, add a touch of a cleverly contrasting colour like a dark blue navy, or deep green which will add a pop of colour to the room.

  • Maximise natural light

    The lighter tones help bring in the natural light into any space by absorbing it as opposed to reflecting it, which is the case for the medium tones.

    Sliding windows that are strategically placed in the room will allow for maximum natural light to enter the space. Maximum natural light is important for many reasons including, healthier living.

    By exposing as much natural light and ventilation into the home, you are allowing the mind to be clearer and less cluttered and it is a proven fact that just by looking at nature, stress levels can decrease significantly.

  • Don’t ‘overdo’ the patterns

    Including too many patterns in the styling of any space, can draw attention to too many different areas and is considered an eyesore.

    It becomes a messy look and doesn’t flow as much as, say a statement piece would. Patterns work well when they are carefully situated, so be sure not to overdo it throughout the home or commercial space.

    A statement feature wall is highly encouraged if you love quirky art or imagery that tells a story or showcases your style. If you have a small room, opt for one large piece of art instead of many smaller items. This will help the rest of the home flow equally in essence.

  • Floor-to-ceiling curtains

    Incorporating floor to ceiling curtains in the home makes the room feel more spacious by elongating the look.

    The eye to see a larger space by focusing on less on the smaller details within the area and more on the room as a whole which gives it the larger more roomy feel.

  • Maximise storage

    Storage is a key aspect in creating the illusion of a bigger room, especially when clutter is hidden.

    Under the bed or window seat storage are the perfect examples of hidden storage options that double up as both stylish furniture as well as places to store small television accessories, books, photo albums or other small trinkets that don’t always need to be out in the open taking up valuable space.

    Installing hooks and racks behind the doors of bedrooms and bathrooms also is a form of hidden storage as it removes the need for freestanding racks which can take up valuable space within the room also.

If you are looking at adding sliding windows to any bedroom or living room with a balcony, speak to the specialists in aluminium windows and doors, A-Tech Australia.

Servicing clients all over Sydney, our friendly team will cater to each individual needs both in style and budget requirements. With each window and door custom made to order, you will certainly be satisfied with the final quality.

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