Installation of bifold doors requires thought: Expert instructions on what to consider before you make a choice

31 Mar 2020

If there is one household trend that is sweeping Australia, it is the installation of aluminium bi-fold doors. Not only are they stylish and trendy, but they are also a practical and functional way to open up an area.

One of their most popular features is their ability to brighten, ventilate and expand a space that once was small and enclosed. Bifold doors are built to be a long-lasting and secure option to the sliding door.

It is easy to see their appeal but, before installation, a little guided research and expert instruction can go a long way in ensuring you get the best out of your bifold doors.

Your go-to guide: aluminium bifold door installation

  • Know the benefits

    Seamlessly blurring the break between the interior and exterior, it is no surprise why bifold doors are a ‘must-have’ in all Australian households. Throughout summer, they can bring the outdoors, in, expanding the living area out into the garden and allowing the Australian summer warmth to flow inside.

    During winter, when the weather is a little gloomy and dark, the installation of bifold doors is an excellent way to make the most of natural light, improving the atmosphere of the indoor living spaces.

    Bifolds are a great alternative to aluminium sliding doors as they serve the same purpose, but take up less space. With the ability to fold in on themselves, bifold doors maximise space and create framed views of the outside.

  • Know what you want to feature

    When deciding on where you would like to install bifold doors, you should pick a place or view what you would like to feature. Think of the bifold doors as a feature wall or a painting.

    The areas viewed when gazing through bifold doors become a key feature to home design. So, when looking from the inside of your home, decide what you want to see; a lovely manicured garden, an enticing pool space, a beautiful view over the city or just a stylish patio?

  • Know the space

    Another way to decide on where to place aluminium bifold doors is to choose a space that does not usually get noticed. You may have a hidden back courtyard which you would like to optimise, you may want to make the most of your outdoor seating area. Bifold doors can reveal spaces that may not have been noticed before.

    Opting for interior bifold doors can also be great for areas such as closets or cupboards. This helps to maximise the space available.

  • Know the material

    Exterior bifold doors are typically made of either timber, unplasticised polyvinyl (UPVC) or aluminium.

    While the size, decor and style of the area can determine the material chosen, installation of aluminium bifold doors tends to be the most popular option.

    Why? Aluminium bifold doors come with a range of benefits. The robust nature of the metal means upkeep efforts from your end are almost unnecessary.

    Aluminium bifold doors are weather protected with full perimeter seals, sturdy head and sill and an exclusive ‘open-out only’ configuration, keeping in the warmth and the rain out.

    Aluminium bifold doors also have the option of coming in a range of colours which can match any household style.

  • Know the installation process

    Hiring professionals for the installation process warrants that your aluminium bifold doors are installed safely and efficiently in your chosen location. This process is easy, quick, and usually completed in under a day or two.

    Once the location for the bifold doors is selected, the area is cleared, the frame is fitted and built-in, and before you know it, you will have a beautiful set of aluminium bifold doors installed.

    Aluminium bifold doors complete the overall look and functionality of a modern household. Understanding how you would like to utilise them in your own house is the first step in making the most of your bifold doors.

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