How to clean aluminium windows and doors

11 Dec 2020

Naturally, aluminium windows and doors collect dirt and dust. Even though they are relatively low-maintenance and require much less maintenance than their counterparts (e.g. timber windows and doors), you still need to clean your aluminium windows and doors. Like anything else in your home, they require cleaning to upkeep its appearance and functionality. Unless you’ve owned aluminium windows before, you won’t understand how simple it is to clean or the best methods for cleaning aluminium windows and doors. For these reasons, we offer cleaning tips for aluminium windows and doors. These tips will not only make your life much easier, but it will also ensure that your windows and doors remain aesthetically pleasing and functional for years to come.

Why should you clean your aluminium windows and doors?

Many people wonder if it’s worth cleaning their aluminium windows and doors. After all, they mostly face the outdoors, so who would notice? The reality is that people do notice and too much negligence can lead to a deterioration in the functionality of your windows and doors. Here’s what can happen if you don’t regularly clean your aluminium windows and doors:

  • A thick coating of dust can impact the appearance of your aluminium windows and doors, making them appear grey and unimpressive.

  • While normally very durable, dust and debris that have been left on aluminium frames too long can begin to deteriorate the material and in some cases, breed mould.

  • Dust can cloud your view through the glass pane of the window and door.

  • Dust can build-up and cause allergies.

Cleaning tips for your aluminium windows and doors

Cleaning a powder-coated aluminium window and door

  • Use a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water and start cleaning from the top and work your way down. This prevents dirt from falling onto the already cleaned surface.

  • On the outside surface of your window or door, use a hose to spray off and loosen any dirt and dust that are stuck to the glass pane and aluminium frames.

  • Always wash your frames with a simple solution of soap and warm water. Avoid using harsh chemical detergents and this can potentially damage your windows and are simply, not needed.

  • Remember to lean in the corners, grooves and crevices of the aluminium windows. It is very easy for debris and dirt to build up in these areas and potentially affect your window and door’s drainage, so ensure that you pay attention to it.

  • With sliding windows and doors we highly recommend that you scrub down the entire surface to ensure that any trapped dirt and debris is removed. Debris and dust build-up that are not cleaned can impact the glide of a sliding door and affect how well it closes.

  • Always dry your aluminium window and door frames after leaning. This does not only give it a sparkling clean finish, but it also prevents water from affecting your powder-coat finish.

  • For the glass pane of both the aluminium window and door, we recommend that you fish cleaning it with a squeegee. This will give you a streak-free and sparkling result that will boost your window and door’s appearance.

For powder-coated aluminium windows and doors, a thorough cleaning is not required very often because they are long-lasting products that are durable and extremely resistant. We recommend that you thoroughly clean your aluminium windows and doors every three to 4 months. Please note that if you have your aluminium window or door for a long time, you may require more frequent cleaning. While it is unlikely, during your cleaning you may find a part of your aluminium window or door that needs repairing. Ensure that you fix this immediately, to prevent further deterioration.

Finishing off your aluminium windows and doors

The last option you have to finish off your thorough cleaning of your aluminium windows and doors is to lubricate. This is a good option for homeowners who want to ensure that their sliding doors and windows glide easily and who frequently use it (this is usually the case for sliding windows and doors that are situated in busy parts of your home). While it is not always necessary, if you choose to use a lubricant, make sure that your windows and doors are thoroughly dried.

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