How Long Do Our Aluminium Windows Last?

30 Sep 2021

Whether you’re renovating, refurbishing or building a new home, selecting your aluminium windows is an exciting but important decision. Windows, unlike furnishings in your home, are not easy to swap out. Usually, the choice you make stays with you for decades. However, windows are subject to a number of elements that can gradually wear and tear their functionality as well as aesthetic appearance. While some deterioration is expected with years of usage and exposure to the weather, immense degradation can harm your family’s comfort and the image of your home.

What’s the best material for windows?

Windows are available in several different materials, including timber, metal and vinyl. While they all have their pros and cons, no material is as durable as aluminium.

What do windows have to face?

Durability is key for windows. Windows usually have one side on the exterior of your home throughout the year and the other facing outdoors when opened (depending on the configuration). This means that they have to be able to withstand: 

  • intense temperatures, 
  • rain, 
  • constant moisture, 
  • insects, and 
  • high winds.

Windows are also one of the first defences against criminal elements and dangerous natural disasters (e.g. fire), making it imperative that it is reliable and secure when closed. 

It should be noted that windows are only second to doors in terms of usage. In Sydney, the majority of the year has amazing weather,  prompting homeowners to leave their windows open often. This increased usage of windows makes the chances of deterioration much higher (like usage of any other feature in your home). 

Understanding the life expectancy of a window is key for a smart investment

Windows are a costly home feature and one that should last for years; they are an investment. With investments, value is measured in the longevity of the product versus its cost. If a window deteriorates quickly, it’s safe to say that it is not a smart investment.

The trick to a valuable investment is purchasing a reliable set of windows. Reliability comes from a long-lasting product that promises to perform under harsh weather conditions and through years of constant use.

How long do aluminium windows last?

While the lifetime of aluminium windows is generally considered impressive, at A-tech Australia, we can promise a lifetime of flawless aesthetic performance and functionality. With proper use and the right attention and care, our aluminium windows can be with you, your home and your family for as long as you want them to be. 

We also offer a guaranteed 7 year workmanship warranty, our aluminium frames, glass screens and powder coat products also have a comprehensive warranty. However, with the skill of our design and manufacturing team, you are guaranteed to benefit from a flawless product and top-tier performance.

Why do aluminium windows last longer than others?

With such an impressive life, most people will wonder why aluminium windows are so impressive. The truth is that along with our skilled workforce who design our products to be robust and perform well, aluminium is an extremely durable and resistant material. 

Here are a few more detailed reasons why aluminium performs so well:

  • It is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for exterior windows which often face moisture on rainy days. This improves the aesthetic performance of your windows.

  • Aluminium is extremely lightweight which allows its hardware to be made much thicker and stronger than heavier materials. This provides a more secure and durable configuration.

  • Aluminium offers effective protection against fire and will not contribute to flame spread – a key protective feature in the face of wild bush fires.

  • Aluminium will not split or burn under intense atmospheric temperatures.

What can you do to make your aluminium windows last longer?

While our aluminium windows are built to last a lifetime, they will only function optimally under proper care and use. Here are a few actions you can take to ensure that your windows last a long time:

  • Do not slam your windows shut as this can loosen hardware and break the glass screens.

  • Though our windows are low-maintenance, you should periodically thoroughly clean all parts to reduce the build-up of dirt, dust and grime as this can deteriorate the hardware.

  • Inspect your windows regularly to ensure that there are no defects that may have occurred with usage.

Aluminium windows are an excellent investment for your home. With minimal care and proper attention, they can last you a lifetime. If you’d like more advice or information on our products, contact our customer service team.