How do I Optimise my Interior: Bifold Doors, Wallpaper or Furniture?

19 Jul 2019

A perfectly designed living room should feel good and look good. Your main living areas should be designed strategically to optimise space and create an environment that compliments your lifestyle, formulating convenience and ease.

After all, your living room and other main spaces are the central part of your home, as you will be spending plenty of time in these areas. In saying that, these areas should be designed and crafted carefully to ensure it is perfect for you and your family.

These spaces should be aesthetically pleasing, impressive, familiar and safe while being engaging and impressive. Many people place the emphasis on the wrong features, leaving out the important ones. For example, choosing the right interior bifold doors and the right layout are some of the most important factors, while smaller decorative choices are not as essential.

Design Tips For Your Sydney Home: Interior Bifold Doors, Wall Art or Furniture?

Interior Bifold Doors Sydney 

Do you want to divide your room in a stylish, convenient and functional way? Interior aluminium bifold doors are your answer. Enabling you to split up your large room into two spaces for entertainment purposes or simply for privacy, these doors can open up space and close them off within seconds. Choosing a glass/glazed option also allows you to keep both rooms light and bright while still dividing the areas.

Bifold doors can be used within the interior of a home as a room divider to give an area more privacy or to simply hide something that you don’t want to be seen. Interior bifold doors are commonly used within areas such as closets or laundry rooms to help split up space into two different areas, enhancing the function and convenience of the room.

Interior bifold doors take up less room than a conventional door and can be moved out of the way or kept open if you choose to open up space. Bifold doors can be used within many places inside the home, it is all about discovering where it will work best.

When choosing an interior bifold door, it is important to note the many different types you can choose from. With a variety of options including types of timber, single or double doors as well as glazed glass, the benefits are endless.

Bifold doors can also be used in smaller homes and can, in fact, create more space. The ability for these doors to fold back, rather than open up into the room like a conventional door, allows you to have more save space. They can be a magnificent option for apartments or townhouses, often requiring more space.

Have you ever considered interior bifold doors for your wardrobe? These doors are sleek and stylish while allowing you to have more space for your belongings. Bifold doors can also be used within the interior of your home by incorporating them in your pantry or ensuite. Enabling a seamless design throughout main spaces of your home, interior bifold doors allow you to keep the spaces private or show them off with a glazed option.


The layout of your home is extremely important when it comes to the overall function and convenience of your house. It is crucial to consider your lifestyle and requirements when planning out the layout of your home. Making sure your living room, kitchen and dining areas have a seamless flow is essential in creating a nice vibe and convenience within the home.

It is also useful to consider the kind of views you will have from certain seating areas. In a larger room, it is nice to sit in an area where you have unobstructed views of the surrounding space while in a smaller room, it is often important to consider a window view. The placement of the TV and other furniture also influences how the room flows. Finding a central place for these big pieces of furniture creates an evenness and clean look within the room.

Wall Art, Mirrors & Furniture

Using decorative mirrors and statement pieces can serve value to both larger and smaller rooms. It can make a small space feel larger and add instant light to more spacious rooms. Artsy and unique mirrors can also be used as a piece of art to fill in wall space. Mirrors are a great way to add dimension and light to your space while elevating the entire look.

Mixing up different patterns, textures, as well as the old versus new, can add character and style to your overall living space. Your home should reflect you, your personality and your style. Therefore, decorating your living areas, making sure you are telling your story can impact the overall feel of your home.

It is great to incorporate pieces such as an antique couch or wall art that tells a story about your past. Your grandmother’s old rug and the modern couch you fell in love with can all work together. Bringing together the past and the present creates a beautiful masterpiece.

Go green! Adding plantation and greenery to your living areas, kitchen or bathroom can accessorise the space by adding colour and texture. Plants are not only appealing to the eye but also clean household air and balance humidity, while absorbing pollutants and removing harmful gases from the air. The key is to not overdo it. Choose a couple of pieces you love and place them in central areas of your home. Bring life into your home and choose plants.

Make your space pop! Choose a pop of colour or a statement piece which will brighten and re-energise your room. A simple bright rug or wallpaper can instantly transform a space. If you don’t want to add colour to your space and love the minimal look. Contrasting neutral tones and adding bold black pieces can make a massive difference.

When designing your main living spaces the important factor to remember is, to make sure it reflects your lifestyle, is convenient, functional and of course aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, our recommendations can help you create the ultimate space for you.

At A-Tech Australia, we have a range of interior bifold doors that are both stylish and practical for your Sydney home. They are the perfect solution for a seamless flow within the home or can be used to create access between inside and outside the house.

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