How Aluminium Bifold Doors can Enhance the Way you Live at Home

17 Feb 2021

Aluminium bifold doors are one of the most versatile and valuable features that you can add to your home. In addition to A-Tech’s bifold doors being an aesthetically impressive feature to your home, functionally it adds a lot of value to your life. Your living space is where you spend the majority of your time (with the exception of your workplace), therefore, it’s no surprise that it has a major impact on your life. Views, natural light and ventilation are just some of the broad but effective impacts that a door can have on your living space.

Bifold aluminium doors tick all of the boxes when it comes to aesthetic effectiveness, functional value and quality of life. If you’re looking for a way to improve the exterior and interior appearance of your home, as well as enhance your quality of life in the interior of your home, then look no further than bifold doors. Bifold doors bring you closer to nature, offer your natural lighting and ventilation as well as allow you to benefit from beautiful views. It’s the key to stepping outside of your home’s concrete and timber jungle.

5 reasons why bifold doors are a good idea for enhancing your home life

  1. Improves your home’s natural light and ventilation

    The value of fresh air and natural light cannot be surpassed – in both a commercial and residential setting. It instantly lifts every room and provides healthier and more comfortable living space. Bifold doors provide excellent natural light, when closed and open, making it a wonderful option for enclosing highly trafficked rooms like the kitchen or living room (providing there is an entry/exit to the outside). Bifold doors, like many other aluminium door configurations, also allow for natural ventilation. However, bifold doors provide some control to the ventilation as you can choose to open the number of panels that you want.

    Overall, the copious amount of natural light and natural ventilation makes for a more comfortable and enjoyable living space.

  2. Frames your view/nature

    If you’re fortunate enough to have a home that is situated near a beautiful beach, in the middle of the city or surrounded by nature, the worst thing you can do is to block it with a large, solid door. It defeats the purpose of being able to enjoy your view from the comfort of your home.

    A bifold door beautifully frames your view, allowing you to take full advantage of the beauty that surrounds your home. Feel at peace and enjoy the view outside your home without having to worry about accidentally leaving your door open or any other possible security risks.

  3. Creates visual interest and can be used as a focal point

    The framing of a view, in addition to providing you pleasure, can also be used as a natural focal point. Focal points in a home are usually created by a sculpture or accent wall, however, your aluminium bifold door’s framing immediately draws one’s eye to the view, creating your natural focal point and instantly, improving the aesthetic of your home’s interior.

  4. Brings nature into your home

    Bifold doors allow you to connect your home with nature in two specific ways. First, through the framing of a view (i.e. a view that involves nature such as the beach or a forest), you have a beautiful reminder of your home’s natural surroundings. Second, bifold doors open widely and allow your interior to expand into nature. You can use this expansion into nature as an outdoor kitchen or dining room or for simply making one area physically larger.

  5. Gives the illusion that some rooms are larger

    The natural illumination offered by bifold doors helps to instantly make your interior rooms appear much larger. By shining light on dark corners, your home will immediately feel bigger and appear more spacious.

We hope that this article helps to clarify why bifold doors are so important to residential properties. Whether you’re a homeowner or a property developer, investing bifold doors for your property will enhance your life or the life of your residents.

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