COVID-19 Update: How we’re responding to the crisis

23 Mar 2020

*A message from A-Tech Australia*

At A-Tech Australia, the health and wellbeing of our team, clients, contractors and all stakeholders are of the utmost priority. In the wake of the recent COVID-19outbreak, it is no doubt that many individuals and businesses alike are facing challenging times and experiencing feelings of unrest.

Amidst this uncertainty, we have implemented measures to ensure that safety and health protocol are more stringent than ever, and proactive action is being taken to prevent and counter the spread.

For head-office and on-site employees, as well as clients and customers this means:

  • No handshakes when greeting or bidding farewell

  • Social distancing is required

  • More prevalent sanitary stations and supplies have been put in place

  • Anyone who is feeling ill is encouraged to stay home

  • Anyone who has travelled recently is in self-quarantine

  • Facilities from keyboards in the office, to tools on site, are cleaned before, during and after all use

  • Upcoming social events have been modified, and or postponed until further notice

  • Meetings are being held via conference calls and/or video calls

  • Actively abiding by government and health official advice

  • Our showroom is closed until further notice

Furthermore, Management is encouraging open forums of communication to assist those with any questions or concerns. We understand these times call for unease and unrest and recognise the emotional impacts this unprecedented pandemic may cause. We are here to support one another and it is uniting in strength that we will see an end to this.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.